Phoenix Glitches



Thought this might need its own thread in case you guys discover more glitches.

I just ran into what has to be one of the most game breaking glitches and will certainly piss off any phoenix player if it happened to them in tournament.
This is what happened:
I’m playing Phoenix and my friend is Doramamu. Doramamu chips Phoenix out with Chaotic Flame. She has 5 bars so im like “COOL. She’s gonna transform”. What happens next has to be the dumbest thing shit ever.
She doesn’t transform.
Instead, I was blocking in the air so instead of transforming she gets literally stuck in her animation(when shes curled up in a ball) for like 15 seconds in midair. She then falls back to the ground. Untransformed. Has zero health left until Doramamu touches her once and she dies.
Like wow.

I honestly don’t even know how to recreate this since i’ve been chipped out by Doramamu’s chaotic flame TONS of times.

Anyone experience this?


Was she in block stun from an assist while being chipped? The front page had something likewise(though in that case she died instantly) and it’s seeming like blockstun + chip damage might have some odd effects. I could be wrong and maybe its something entirely different(maybe with push block mixed in or maybe only when not push blocking, no idea yet)


No block stun from assists.
All that was hitting her was Chaotic Flame


I dont know if this is a glitch or just how the game works but last night I was playing online and the hit that killed me also filled my 5 bars. I didnt transform and still had 5 bars at the end of the match after she died.


Not a glitch part of the game, if she has 5 bars before she gets killed she can transform when she dies. She will not transform when she gets the 5 bars with her dying at the same time.

Well I’m sure most of you already know of the Dark Phoenix Transformation stopper. Trons assist, bonne strike stops Phoenix from transforming. I’ve tried it on arcade, vs, and training and I came up with that Phoenix must have below 20% or above 10% health. I’ve been watching this up close and concluded that since Phoenix dies from the first 1 hit, the second hit catches her again, when her health is starting to refill before then the animation frames start. I’ve also noticed that once in a while, though i’m not 100% sure, Phoenix survives the kill but doesn’t turn to Dark Phoenix, and she has zero health or the “Magic Pixel.”