Phoenix, good addition to your team or lame win? (no trolling)



This isn’t a troll thread! Please don’t turn it into a trollthread either.
I know some people will say this belongs in the main thread, but there’s probably a lot of people thinking the same way so I think it might deserve a seperate thread (If not, my apologies).

Well, anyway, my point:
I really looked forward to playing with Phoenix. Her design is awesome, her moves are cool etc etc. But after playing some matches with her, I felt like I was somewhat cheating while using her, and that’s only because of dark Phoenix.

While I know she’ll slowly die while in dark mode, it still feels cheap. As soon as you turn into dark phoenix you can just use your x-factor+Healing shield and she can’t be killed easily. Turns out it’s a viable strategy to just spam the projectiles since they’re extremely fast and with some nice damage. When the health gets lower it’s also possible to just teleport up close and turtle your life back.

I’ve had a few matches going the exact same way: I get my ass kicked, everyone in my team dies, untill phoenix turns into her dark version and then I’m able to kill 3 chars with just one.
I might be missing something, but it doesn’t feel fair. I switched to a different character just because I felt like a lame-ass player for doing so much damage so easily, it kinda spoils the fun for me.

It seems to me she’s way too strong in her dark version, but chances are that I’m just the noob here who doesn’t get why she isn’t that awesome.
So are there people here who think otherwise? (can you change my mind?)


Dark phoenix with lvl 3 x factor looks broken as fuck. Without x factor she just looks like a very strong character. Everyone’s gonna save x factor for her anyways, so…


How about you play her until your opponent finds a solution rather than concluding she’s broken before the game is officially out?


Tell me where I said she was broken, Ill change it.

I’ve been playing for a few hours in total now, and I didn’t ‘conclude’ anything. I asked what I was missing, how other people feel about it etc.

I also now all the “they have to find the solution” crap from playing street fighter, I was just wondering if some people already know what to do against her. I don’t think any character is truly ‘broken’, but some characters have easier wins than others, and with Phoenix it feels like the win comes quite easily.
If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine. But me, personally, I want to challenge myself instead of giving the enemy a hard time while i feel like I don’t have to try that hard.

Don’t forget that some people have gameshops nearby that don’t really care about official release dates (look at the crazy amounts of combo vids popping up and a lot of gameplay also popping up). So talking about this a few days before the release isn’t that weird at all.


That’s the entire point of her character. Really. Jean was made to be broken.

If you feel awkward by… winning with her lol, just pick another one to your team. She’s really broken in DPh - that’s a fact.

No offense, but there wasn’t a reason to create a topic just to vent about this. There’s no much to discuss about these subjects outside of her general thread.


Ok, sorry then :slight_smile: if more people feel that way this thread can be closed. I always feel like the general threads are too cluttered to actually discuss stuff like this.

Pretend the thread never existed :wink:

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she can still get killed when shes in xfactor mode in Dph mode. and yeah. from what I noticed so far, if you have phoenix on your team, keepaway teams are gonna have trouble because they allow you to build meter quicker than rushdown imo.


Just snapback early, get her in, and kill her before you she can get 5 bars.


Easier said than done, since her keepaway game is top-notch (teleports, homing projectiles and traps). :V

Counter-picking with X-23 is easier.


“No trolling”? This thread is a troll.


I’ve played Phoenix first hand and she is that good, to some she may seem broken. But the game hasn’t even been out everywhere yet, so only time will tell. Im sure that in a few months people will figure out ways to counter phoenix either snap back or something else before the opposing team can get a full 5 meters. And even if you have Dark Phoenix wins don’t come easy, you still have to have great execution and understanding of her moveset, you can still chip her to death with x factor Storm or Sentinel


Sentinel is pretty much dead versus DPh - he can’t deal with FOUR TK Shots on the screen at all, plus her traps (hello, big hitbox). Phoenix Rage EATS Hyper Sentinel Force (as seen in the Marn vs NerdJosh vids). Sent is hopeless against her.

As for Storm, if you lay down the homing TK Shots, they’ll interrup Storm into her Ice Storm Hyper. Plus, Jean can teleport to avoid it without too much risk.


So burn two meter to get her in the game? Since everybody will most likely running her in the third spot.


One strategy against Phoenix that I feel is being extremely overlooked is very simple:

Don’t kill Phoenix. Stomp her two goons, whittle her to almost nothing, then run the clock and win by time out. I expect ragequitter hell to be full of Nix players.

Once that catches on, Nix players will start throwing her out there as soon as they hit five meters, but hopefully you should have obtained enough of a life lead to just lame it out for the rest of the match.

Or learn to defend against 2 or 3XF’d D.Nix. Doable, but probably not feasible online.


Doesn’t snap cost 1?


Yeah but if you snap out point, you bring in assist, not Phoenix if she’s sitting third. You would have to snap out point, then snap out assist to get Phoenix in; costing two meters.


Yeah this is pretty much how I feel about her. Level 3 XFactor D.Phoenix = u pretty much win just by pressing buttons on the screen. You can’t lose unless u just do something ridiculously stupid. Just about THE ONLY hope I see for the opponent is to also have X Factor so they can pray they lame u out by not having to receive chip damage. The broke part about D.P. is that she doesn’t even need to hit u to kill you. All of her normals do chip and send out tons of little projectiles that do chip. Her Cinder spiral special is safe on block and does 30 percent chip and basically combos into death combos on hit…there’s just way too many ways to win if they dont also have XF.

Though in some situations if u have to use your X Factor early D.Phoenix can still be ridiculously good but she’ll require more quick thinking since your health will be draining and you’ll have to build up meter to activate healing field to stand a chance. Which means u have to purposely put yourself in danger to get your health back up to 420 and lame as needed afterwards to hopefully win. Considering you used X Factor earlier though this shouldn’t be a terrible situation either since u probably are closer to winning the match than u would be if u just lamed out for Level 3 XF D.P.

The chances of u dying with a non XF D.P. are considerably greater. You get the benefit of your health not draining the entire time your are in XF, you will take no chip damage in XF so basically your fireball game will just win by default since u will just be able to spam a ton of shit on screen and take zero chip from anything u may have to block from the opponent. Without the XF you can take chip as soon as u come in and your health is draining so that double combination can have non XF D.P. die from chip alone if her zoning and decision making isn’t perfect.


Not broken IMO. Then again I haven’t even played the game lol. However from what I have seen in videos, even in Dark Phoenix mode with X-Factor, if a character like Sent. launches her and completes a decent combo and includes a super, she is probably dead. Not to mention while you are building 5 supers, your opponent, who for this example is good, is using all 5 of his bars to destroy your team. Sure D.Phoenix has the power to defeat a whole team if used PROPERLY, however against a good player that can score a launch, she’s dead. So with that, it’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, and 1 specific character. I am looking forward to using her in my team, but by no means am I under the conclusion I will just be raping people. You can definitely score some wins with her, but I wouldn’t consider seeing her much in tournament play, she doesn’t seem dependable for a serious match.


Cheap? Broken? I don’t understand the mindset certain people have that they really don’t like winning. I don’t get why someone would go into a match with characters they don’t wanna play just to lose, it just makes no sense. In a game like Marvel you have to play to win, and win using who you want. Phoenix is a huge gamble that pays off in huge reward, if phoenix gets called and you guess wrong in the first instance you’re done. Get use to it, thats Marvel.

I play her b/c she’s fun and takes work to stomp out an entire team. If your opponent has any competence they won’t let you do that.


One question. Why wasn’t this asked in the Phoenix general discussion? Did it really need a separate thread?