Phoenix Hyper Combo Input

Frustration= playing with a character that was nerfed well beyond anyone else in the game and still being called “cheap” all the time. On top of having to learn how to keep Phoenix safer when playing, now I’m finding that any time I try to Phoenix Rage as a counter to a randomly mashed hyper from my opponent, she does the Healing Sphere. I know I’m inputting correctly and at first I thought I was somehow getting crossed up. Nope. I was on the right side of the screen, Strider on left and when he did a random ‘calling all animals’ hyper I tried to counter with Rage. Instead, I just get a Sphere. WTF? I’m really trying to make her work despite the nerfs, but THIS is an issue. I’ve tried this against Strider, Maximum Spider, and even against a Felicia Hyper, I believe, and every time it is doing the wrong Hyper. Oddly enough though, Maximum Wesker gets Rage all the time. It never messes my input up against him. Anyone else having this problem? I use pad and this happens on PS3 and Xbox.

Never had that problem.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Have you checked it in training mode and looked at how the game registers your inputs?

I haven’t tried in training mode. It happens sometimes when I’m playing versus with a friend and at least twice last night online. I’ll have to test it out some more and see if I can tell if it is only against certain characters it is happening with.

i play on ps3 pad and this has happened to me before in vanilla. Usually when i mash the phoenix rage hyper in reaction to another hyper it does that sometimes and i’m confused why. So I’d just say don’t mash it and only do the input for the super once.

Something similar happens whenever I try to DHC into Deadpool’s Trigger Happy-Happy hyper. No matter how careful I am, Fourth Wall Crisis always comes out, unless my hyper gauge is below level 3.

Yeah I understand, like usually if i’m farther away and someone does a super and i mash out phoenix rage i sometimes get healing field which pisses me off because she pretty much dies when that happens lol.

Maybe it is because I’m mashing it out. It has happened to me on an occasion or two with Deadpool also.

Oh; I thought this was just me? It’s been happening since Vanilla… and I guess hasn’t been fixed yet? Where do we go to bring this to the developers attention?

That isn’t the only input glitch I’ve been getting. I’ve had X-23’s Crescent Scythe X pop off of Light and Special, and X-Factor trigger with only three buttons. There’s something wrong with the game.

More hypers that cause her to Healing Field instead of Rage are Ryu’s spinning hyper, Strider’s zoo hyper and Spider-man’s Maximum Spider (if Phoenix is on the ground). Maybe it’s a stealthy nerf, since she is obviously still too broken (sarcasm).