Phoenix Kill Thread

I think the right information here to make this most useful is any tidbit involving Doom that makes Phoenix fights easier.

I suspect Doom setups into instant Phoenix kills are rare but let me start this with one:
Needs : Doom/Zero
Corner Only

Snap or kill so a 5 bar Phoenix is incoming. Mixup into small combo ending in Sphere flame kills Phoenix at the max height. DHC into Rekoha timed for the hits to start before she can teleport out. XFactor, Rekoha. Time a DHC back to sphere flame to connect at the end of the Rekoha’s but obviously keeping her in blockstun. The last blast will do massive chip and finish her off even with pushblocking. Done right no pushblocking is possible to move Zero/Doom out of position. Time the XFactor for before her transformation, and put in the second Rekoha during it.

I’ve tested this in matches(casuals) and training mode and it looks legit. There may be an aspect of timed pushblocks for an escape of the final super though that I will be testing.
Video to follow but if anyone volunteers for a high def recording feel free and I will edit this post.

so combo end in sphere flame, DHC rekoha xfc, rekoha xx sphere flame to maxmize chip? i can get a vid up tonight if needed. gonna have a friend spam advancing guard on the rekohas.

At ~5:13 in this video, using SF to keep DF in blockstun after it hits, allowing the unblockable to connect.

@ 5:19, what if phoenix blocked the downward part of Sphere Flame and then teleported out?

Pretty sure it tested it out so that if they did block I could still jump and connect it. Still depending on the teleport, if I was trying to mash out the S to connect it fast enough, I might be able to hit after the teleport since it teleports around the opponents character. never actually had the chance to test it out in a live match.

sphere flame–> xf–>mixup

works suprisingly well

Reposting (changed the formatting a bit) from the snapback/incoming character thread:

A couple setups I’ve found for fighting Phoenix specifically - you have to choose what you think is appropriate for the situation:

As she’s incoming - Sphere Flame, X-factor, Throw. Two strategies in one, but high risk since you lose your X-factor. If Phoenix presses a button for an air dash as she comes in, she gets killed by the Sphere Flame, but if she blocks, Sphere Flame hits her on the way up and scares her into not pressing buttons while you go for a throw before the Plasma comes back down. This method works pretty well as a way to go offensive against Dark Phoenix if you failed to kill stop her from coming out, but only if you can get the chance to throw Sphere Flame. I generally save this for Phoenix players that transform into Dark Phoenix early and then tag her back out to build meter. That way this mix-up results in her death right away.

Dante/Doom Team specific: Sphere Flame before Phoenix comes in so Sphere Flame misses on the way up, DHC into Devil Trigger, mix-up with a cross-under or Air Trick. DT works best since Dante has a teleport, but other characters with Buff Hypers would probably be able to benefit from this tactic. With Dante, you can perform this tactic even if Phoenix (or even Dark Phoenix) is already on the battlefield from anywhere on screen because of his fast teleport.

Fight her like a boss after she’s transformed. Honestly, I feel like Doom can hold his ground better than almost anyone else in the cast against Dark Phoenix because of Photon Shot, Molecular Shield, Photon Array, Sphere Flame, and Doom Time. Basically, if you think you’re not going to be able to kill Phoenix in time, start saving up meter for this fight afterwards. If you have 5 meters, then you should be able to drain out almost all of her X-factor, even without the use of X-factor - and if she doesn’t block, there’s a good chance she’s going to teleport into a Photon Array - which is death if you haven’t used your X-factor yet. Even if you don’t kill Dark Phoenix during your projectile fight with her, you should be able to eat up most of her XF3 time to make it more of a fair fight.

Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to separate this post from my re-post.

Generally speaking, I also like the idea of snapping in Phoenix even after she has reached 5 bars and forcing an early transformation. Many Phoenix players do unsafe hard-tags after this to get Dark Phoenix out of there. Once they’ve done that, take the opportunity to snap Dark Phoenix back in and go for a kill. XF1 Dark Phoenix isn’t very scary, so just refuse to kill her other characters.