Phoenix Wright Appreciation Thread


Don’t know how successful this will be, but I figure that PW has a pretty solid following here. I haven’t finished the 3rd one yet, though :-(.

Anyways, they just announced the release date of the new Ace Attorney game (featuring the new main character, Apollo Justice). Its coming soon. Next month. February 12.


I wasn’t expecting the new game to come out so soon. I loved the first 3 games and can’t wait to play this one.


I feel it’s necessary for me to make at least one obligatory post in here.

I’m psyched that a new one is coming is coming so soon after PW3.
Kinda down it’s not Phoenix in it but a change will be interesting.


Yea…I hope this new guy replacing Phoenix is cool.

I really did…well do (still working on the last one out) enjoy these games. They are my favorite on the DS by far.


The only thing I don’t like is the dirty old man/crazy pervert witness which was present in the past two games arg! Those guys are annoying! Typical perverted Japanese arg!


That’s one of the only 2 things that irk me about the games.
The other aspect being the japanese’s fantasy of the over dominant girl and the guy takes all the abuse without saying shit. I don’t care how young pearl is I woulda slapped the shit out of her a long time ago.


I love you too!


I was wondering when you would show up!



I do love me some Phoenix Wright. But I appreciate it everywhere and not in just one thread.

Get your appreciation game up.


Waaaaay to many yaoi/yuri pairings in the fandom for Pheonix Wright. However a great fucking series. I especially love the last series which has a LOT of in jokes with current culture.



PW3 was surprisingly MUCH better then 2 which IMO was the weakest of the 3 but i loved all 3 regardless other then mass effect it has been years since i played a game n cared about the damn storyline this much.

I’'m jealous of the PW avs can someone link me the site where u can make ur own PW scenes?

holds chin

EDIT: it’s not a big deal that we’re getting a new main character to replace PW cuz IMO he’l be just as dorky, clumsy, and (hopefully) astute .


The third game is the best in the series, IMO. The final case…damn.

I think the music composer for AA4 is the guy who made the music for Mega Man X. I have a few of the tracks from the game…good stuff. :tup:


who remembers the clown from the second one doing words to the fresh prince of Bel air intro

the third one was the best but the first one had the best music


the first story arc of phoenix wright is one the most complete and satisfying endings of a storyline in all the videogames i’ve played, though sad that i will not be using those characters again.

i cant wait for this one to come out


**Another one already? YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Are you serious? Is this news solemn? Authentic?

Can’t wait. Nothing like a new Ace Attorney game to keep me busy at work.**


I think the most annoying “sidekick” character Ema Skye. She’s flat, unappealing and just plain annoying with her “science” shit. She isn’t the worst character ever, but in comparison to Maya, I find that she’s trying to be like Maya but from a scientific P.O.V. It’s like she’s a poser and a lame one at that.

I find it surprising because I thought I would never like another “Wright Sidekick” like Maya but Maggie Byrde and Pearls were actually pretty fun as well. In fact I liked Maggie so much, I almost wished they had more cases with her along your side.



Hey dont forget, if something smells, it’s usually the BUTZ

He should have been in it a bit more and who can forget Edgy who torn up some shit as well, esp when he was on our side who you could be him


I think this new one will be really good - I like the sound of all the characters. I really hope so, anyways, since I guess I’m the only person who didn’t like PW3 that much. :confused:


I will miss all the old characters, but I can’t wait to play Apollo Justice.


So can someone please link me the site where you can create your own PW scenes? Thanks in advance.