Phoenix Wright Combo into a Throw?

messing around training mode i found this,i don´t know if this is useful, but its there

I’m pretty sure this is the throw glitch where is another move hits on the EXACT same frame both the throw and the attack connect thus making it a combo. For most characters this generally only works in combination with assists but since PW is free to act before Maya hits it’s also possible here.

Still good stuff though.

Could be useful, a throw gives you at least 2 safe evidence grabs while Maya only gives you 1.

Just need to find a reliable way to combo into it.

I feel like I’ve seen this exact topic before. I think I’ve done it a few times with the first hit of cold star assist as well. Doesn’t seem too reliable to me with the Maya setup but you never know.

Could you do it with an air-grab? Could be useful.

And yes, Phampy, a smilar concept was posted earlier, under the concept of a guard-break, not a combo finisher.