Phoenix Wright DHC Reset



I was messing around in training mode with Phoenix Wright, and there’s a corner combo in courtroom mode where I do light Paperwork into the Judge super to OTG. the opponent will be knocked off the ground and hit the paper, causing them to instantly tech recover, leaving Phoenix Wright on the ground from the super. An example of this is shown in this video around the 1:46 mark.


Since they recovered right away, I decided to test something with She Hulk.

So I do the same combo with She-Hulk second. Paperwork into Judge super, opponent recovers in the air. This is where you delay the DHC until the opponent recovers before DHCing into She Hulk’s Anti-Air Hyper. Since they recovered from the paperwork, this allows for the She Hulk Anti-Air Hyper to connect, allowing for unscaled damage and a combo afterwards.

Not sure how useful this is seeing as there probably aren’t many (if any) Phoenix Wright/She Hulk or Phoenix Wright/Frank West pairs. But it was an interesting find that I thought might give people some ideas. I haven’t tested yet, but maybe opponents with invincible air hypers can avoid this?

EDIT: Looks like forward tech will escape. DOUBLE EDIT: It seems that even if your opponent forwards techs, if you input the anti-air hyper at the right time, it will auto-correct, catching the opponent.


Wow! Good find, Koff! Funny how the two lawyers have a good DHC option. I will have to learn some basic She-Hulk to try this out and see if they have some good synergy to play off of for this.

Could the same thing work with Spidy’s UWT? Since it now goes directly forward, it seems like it could be a viable option for the reset.

Also, what options could you get off of an anti-air grab hyper DHC’d into your third character? Perhaps you could go into Trish boomerang hyper and raw tag Nick in to fish for evidence?

Dang it, I really need my copy of UMvC3 back >_>;

EDIT: So many views, so little posts T_T


I couldn’t get it to work with spidey’s UWT ;/

Nor Frank or She-Hulk o,o

argh can’t get the timing.

EDIT: oh nvm got it. Sweet makes me wanna learn spidey now


I use Wright/She-Hulk. However, I’ve found clothesline more useful these days for my team. Helps both Wright and Wesker.


Can the timing be explained in more detail?

Nevermind it seems to be affected by how much hitdecay is in effect. (I haven’t been able to do this in a 6 hit combo.)


Does it work for Frank West?


Oh, I didn’t think people were actually reading this. It had no responses for the longest time…

Kagato: I don’t think I said anything about assists. haha

Fey: Probably. This idea is more if you had a longer Wright Combo leading into the Paperwork, Judge Super. I can try seeing if a regular ABCS, air series, paperwork, Judge Super requires different timing. But for the most part, the paperwork after the judge super would caus ethem to recover in the air fairly quick. Rather than DHCing from Judge Super to an anti-air grab super, you have to delay the DHC a little. The opponent will recover in the air, and most likely start heading back to the ground, so you’d be DHcing before that. The timing would just be something to practice I guess. Though I’ve tried to play PW before, I haven’t really put in that much time compared to my main team. Just something I noticed that I thought might be interesting to bring up.

MetaSkipper: It will indeed. The only issue, of course, is that you’d have to have Frank West leveled up to at least Level 3 to have that anti-air super. And it does work with Spiderman like I thought it might, and maybe that would be the most effective choice. I do remember seeing a guy on stream use Spiderman, Wright, and Akuma before.


Can someone do a video of this? Having a little difficulty with it. Might help me get teh timing down or soemthin’.


I’ll try and get a video for it soon unless someone else who has tried it would like to do the honors. It’ll be off screen footage.


I’m so glad I bought She Hulk’s DLC Costume. I knew it would pay off some way, now its time to learn Phoenix Wright.



Sooo yeah, here you go. Again, I’m not sure it’s the most useful stuff, but I thought it was pretty interesting. Not the best quality video, but I’m poor. -_-