Phoenix Wright! :)... on a Pad :(



I’m interested in playing Phoenix Wright, he looks like a really fun character to use. However I’m having some trouble with him. I’m a pad player and Phoenix has some very awkward moves, the one I’m mainly struggling with is his pick up evidence. The first evidence is relatively easy (A+X), but the other two (A+Y mainly) require some pretty weird finger work or for me to quickly piano the buttons and switch back.

I was wondering if anyone else was having similar problems or figured out a way round it. I mean even with remapping the buttons at least one of the evidence commands will still be tricky. :frowning:


Yeah his moves are pretty wack for pad players. I play with a PS3 controller and remapped my L2 Button to Special Attack. Thank god Skrull’s Death Penalty auto tracks now.

This set up is pretty comfortable. Have one button on the left side so I can easily press X+L/M/H simultaneously. Problem solved.


Yeah S on L2 is the way I roll too. It’s still not perfect. Spamming evidence is hard to do consistently and fast, but it’s probably the best setup on pad.


For me, I find it easier to just claw S+M. It’s probably because I use a PS3 controller, which has an awkward L2 button. >.>


I also use the Left Trigger for the Medium button. I have to consciously think as I hit that Trigger and A to get both inputs off at the same time. Otherwise I’m just looking at papers or sneezing. Which is particularly bad if you were trying to look for evidence to duck under a projectile. Practice makes perfect though.


Exactly what I would’ve said too.


Eh, I haven’t had TOO much trouble with it. I just position my thumb vertically so it hits both the medium and S at the same time. It’s rare that it doesn’t work. Sometimes I end up cancelling a sneeze or an M into evidence collection early on, but yeah. At this point, I’ve gotten too used to L2 being team super, so I think it’d be hard to get change that.

The only annoying bit is that it DOES have that very small risk of not working. And sure enough, my bad evidence tends to be the middle one. Go figure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Clawing it like Poltergust mentioned works pretty well too.


LT/L2 to S. Seriously the best option.


Whenever I play on pad I play like this.
Basically my pointer is on L+S and my middle finger is on M+H. It makes for easy evidence collection and no execution errors.


I use PS3 controller and tried the L2 = S thing, but I find it a lot easier to just claw when getting evidence. I dunno why though.


Really, all I do is move my index and middle finger and position them seperately just press the two buttons, special + w/e on PS3 pad. Its not that hard IMO, since you really only have to do it for evidence.


On pad binding triggers to Light + Medium and Light + Heavy also works for evidence.


I keep it the same. It’s not really hard. He’s one of the easier characters to play on pad.


I use the side of my thumb to get the middle evidence.


I play on a pad and just claw the evidences. I use the regular setup and I do fine, really… I play normally, with my hands normally as you’d play any other game. Except for picking up and using evidences, then I move my whole hand and claw at it, but it’s grown on me subconsciously so I dont mind


I use L3 as S. IMO that’s the best, easiest way of doing it.


I keep it default. It’s not too much of a stretch to move my right hand to get :s:+:m:/:h:.