Phone Problem.

My phone was charging and while it was doing that, I was playing Tetris. Then I got a text message from a phone number I didn’t recognize that said something among the lines of: “I’m sorry if this was weird.” I text this number back and ask who it was, they reply turns out it’s someone I know and I ask what they were apologizing for, 5 seconds later my screen goes white and my phone shuts off by itself and it’s not turning back on. I have a Motorola RAZR V3. Anyone experience something similar? Did the text message have anything to do with it or was it maybe just a coincidence ? Is it possible to get a virus on your phone via text message? Do I just need to get a new battery? I’ve already tried taking out my battery and putting back. Any help or suggestions will do.:mad:

EDIT: I’ve tried putting in my co-worker’s battery in my phone (he has the same phone), still nothing and I’ve also tried plugging it to an outlet to charge while he’s battery was in my phone, and still nothing. :shake:

That’s pretty shitty. I’ll remember and WON’T play again Tetris on my Z6.
Actually, I suposse cellphones, as they are getting modern and modern, are becoming also hackeable - look at those poor Paris videos hehe

Hope you can repair it

Bump! :looney: