Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble viewing images from photobucket?
I tried to long in earlier to upload some avs, but it looks like it was hacked by I hope our accounts are still intact along with our images. :wtf:

i just logged in now, and everything seems fine. :confused:

Really? WTF!? I can’t even get to the homepage.
I prolly have a virus or something that’s redirecting me to a different site.

I cant see squat either, rediculas damit

o guess im not the only having trouble with it either…
when i get on and try to upload an image it quickly says upload failed :frowning:

I used it just fine a few minutes ago…

Weird that us peoples in Yuma are having trouble. Anyways, I can see the site again, but I can’t view any images still & I can’t log in. It says my password or username is incorrect. I clicked forgot password (even though I didn’t). I guess I have to add them to my “safe list” since I’m a Hotmail user. How would I do this?
I went to Option>Safe & blocked senders>Safe mailing lists, & from there I’m not sure what the mailing address is for photobucket.

Photobucket was hacked:

I had problems going to the site/viewing PB pics until maybe 3 hours ago.

edit It WAS fixed, now I’m having problems again. =/

ah, I see. Thanks for the heads up BIGWORM. :tup:
I guess I’ll just wait it out & see what happens…

Dam those hackers, thinking the can fuck wit da PB

I got the fix:

I finally bit the bullet and called Comcast, but luckily they had a fix.

I just got on & this popped up:

Looks like I’ll be stayin’ away from PhotoBucket and usin’ the other free alternatives. :cool:

Eh, I’m too lazy to login into PB anyways. ImageShack and TinyPic ftw! :rock:

Note: SRK Albums Assist works too.

Uh, once you heard it was hacked, why would you even try to log in? You’re just asking to get your PC raped.



I didn’t know it was hacked when I was trying to log in. I could see the site & everything. Later I couldn’t. Then BIGWORM confirmed it was hacked…all my work & stuff is on PB. :shake:

Oh well, whatev…