Photolog of Reyals 2009 Stick #2 ~ Day3 update (3/15/09)

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Side: Link to my flickr with pics of other custom sticks/mods:

Day 1 of my 2nd stick has started. Still unsure on color, final design, and what systems I’ll be making this for but I’ll keep posting my progress from assembly to painting, to convincing the Kinko guy to print my art, and wiring.

All the pieces laid out.

Sides/Back/Front glued together using wood glue and clamped together tightly. This should be sturdy enough to withstand a fair amount of abuse that a Japanese style stick would take. If I was making an American style stick I’d probably screw the pieces in as-well as glue them together.

Picture of the glue I used. This glue has served me well for years…

Actually I probably should have fitted the top before gluing and clamping down the sides. Luckily I managed to force the top piece in. I placed some glue around the areas where the top board would fit and forced it in, this way the glue would be forced down along with the board. Seemed sturdy enough but I decided to use the clamps once again to ensure everything was tight.

A look at the inside from the bottom. I decided to line the areas where pieces connected with glue just to be safe. The glue on the outside of the box was wiped off and kept clean but I decided to create a layer of glue on the inside edges.

The screws and nuts I’ll be using to mount the JLF mounting plate.

Taking things slow for now. Thinking of adding 24mm buttons on the front. One for sync, one for Guide or Home. Thought about placing it in the back but in the event I have the stick against something I don’t want to accidentally activate a button.

Thinking of not screwing in the bottom panel and using latches to attach it so I can pull it off and put it back in quickly. If I decided to use a Cthulu board I would be able to store the extra cables (PS2, Xbox, GC) inside the case. I would also need to figure out where to mount the barrier strip (thinking the side near the button or the back panel) and where to mount the Cthulu board.

Next order of business? Deciding on color and art. Looking for suggestions on primer, paint type (considering there are spots in the front that are hard to get to, spray paint may not work. I may have to use a brush to get into the little corners. Thinking black or white for the case and really waxing it down. Any suggestions, pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated since my biggest weakness right now is painting my cases (never looks as good as I want it to). Not Norris caliber paint/wax jobs for sure.

The last stick of this design I made back in 2006 which I ended up selling to a friend.

Woodwork looks very clean. good job.

Just my opinions on the matter, if you don’t mind.

  1. If you want PS2, Xbox, GC, and I assume PS3 as well, and aren’t in too bad of a hurry, track down a Pelican or Nuby universal arcade stick, the kind with the one cord with PSX/GC/Xbox ends. I’ve been using one for my testing and it works really well. For PC or PS3 use, it’s easy to find on ebay a Xbox->USB adapter that you can plug the Xbox end into. Yes, this works. :slight_smile: One cord, no cord storage. The downside is you have to hunt one down.
  2. Why do you need barrier strips? I could maybe understand one for connecting grounds from all of the switches, but I usually daisy chain mine anyways. For anything else, I just don’t see the need with the screw terminals on the Cthulhu.

Good looking stick and nice collection. I’m toying with the idea of making that same style box for some Happs part myself.

I wish you had a template that I could print out for the wood pieces, I could then have them made and glue em together myself :slight_smile:

I don’t have access to a router or any kinda woodworking apparatus, but I have woodglue!

Very simple yet elegant box. Love it!

Here you go, not the same but close. Round off the edges.

Wow, just wow. Great work!

I tried looking for the template for the design which was based on a case I bought from someone 4 years ago when I was starting to make sticks. Unfortunately it was probably one the files I lost when my hard drive crashed a few years ago.

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. This might end up being my PS3 stick that I’ll be using at work since I can only play SF4 on PS3 there and I don’t own a PS3 at home. I already have an X360 stick for use at home.

so here were are…

Day 2. Didn’t do too much. Just drilled the holes for the mounting plate but figured I’d upload all the pictures anyway. I’ve always wanted detailed pics of the stick building process instead of just seeing the final product and I’ll TRY to be diligent and take lots of pics.

First off… the tools. This is the countersink.

The drill bits… can never have enough.

My workstation for tonight… my trusty Guinea Pig MDF board on top of a chair. Using a powered drill with drill/countersink attached and battery drill with a screwdriver bit.

Before starting, here are pics of the case from different sides/angles after 18 hours where the box was clamped down as the glue dried.

On my test MDF I played around to make sure I had the correct drill bit and countersink size to make sure the screws for the JLF mounting plate will be flush with the top of the stick. Ended up using the 9/64" bit.

Traced the JLF mounting plate with a pencil. I will be drilling from the inside of the stick so I have a guide.

Holes have been drilled.

Countersink made… tested the screws a few times before I got the right size.

Everything in place, the JLF plate is secure with a lock nut (I think that’s what it’s called).

That’s it for today. I’m currently researching different painting methods to see which I want. I think I’m going to go with all black. Still not sure if I should paint or spray… and if I paint… what brush to use and how will the texture feel? I want to make a smooth finish.

mate , how do u cut into the wood how you have for the buttons and mounting plate? i assume its done by using a router but can you do a tutorial or something on a scrap peice of wood ?

looks awesome so far

Step 1: You set the bit depth then run the router over the area you want to cut.
Step 2: The end.

is there some sort of template involved for the shape? or just the router running to a pencil mark as it looks too clean to be done free hand

if anyone has pics / links to the process would appreciate em pm’ing or posting


For this one I believe I just did the circles with pencil using a compass and traced it with a router. Sorry I don’t have pictures on the process. 3-4 years ago I had access to a woodshop where they made furniture and we grabbed plans online and tried to copy it. Made 10 total of this case between 4 of us.

What kind of wood was that being used if I may ask? :slight_smile:

MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard

i have been lookin for that box design.

do you happen to have the template for that box design or a link to where i can download that design? thx in advance…

great work, Reyals!

i always enjoy seeing someone’s build. The more detail the better. I particularly like the thickness of your build pieces. A good quality stick should be able to take a good beating :smiley:

are you using lexan or plexi?

cheers mate ur a star, thanks for the info

I’m fairly certain I used Lexan over plexi.