Photos from NorthWest Majors 2K9

Hey ya’ll, I posted this in the NWM thread but I know its going to get buried after all the crazy hype we had!

Anyways here are where all my photos are posted

Pictures from NWM2K9


BlazBlue Tournament:

KOFXII Tournament:

Guilty Gear AC+ Tournament:

HD Remix Tournament:

Street Fighter: Third Strike Tournament:

Street Fighter 4 Tournament:

Street Fighter 4 5v5 Regional Exhibition Tournament:

So definitely check em out and also, post your links to the pics that you guys all took too!

Post here or PM me and I’ll add you to the list below.

Other Photographers at Northwest Majors 2K9

HappyStickPerson -

DrDoomKills -

Sweet thanks for the pics!

Thanks to slash for capping tons of footage and taking pics. You guys will really appreciate this guy’s dedication when you see the vids cut up. He kept running around asking me details so that he could make time stamp notes of who’s playing, and where they were in the brackets. This will be glorious spectacle to behold, like a televangelist’s hair piece.

You da best, slash. Thanks for all your goddamn hard work.

Now repping every picture with me in it. XD

oh me vs cole thanks man!!! hahaha

Good shit Slash!

Excellent pictures, sounds like you guys had an awesome time!

Thanks ya’ll and the Tournament was definitely fun.

Depending on how nice iMovie wants to play, I’ll see what videos I can get edited properly and uploaded since I, for some reason, didn’t install Adobe Premire ~facepalms self~

Very cool. SO many good pics. Thank you.

only a handful that really worked. dim light + no flash + expired polaroid pack film = HARD!!!

these will be part of a photo series for the gallery event at canoe in February. the emulsion layer will be boiled off and the image lifted and placed on glass then mounted into a backlit box with a peep hole in the front. the idea is to give people a dreamy/trippy/whatever peek into the lives of fighting game players.

I definitely know how hard it can be to shoot with the conditions, but once you’ve figured it out, its pretty easy. I wish I had a chance to do this before EVO because my second outing went really good with pictures and video, my EVO time was a lot more hectic.

But yeah, flash is a BIG no no, because its quite blinding as well as distracting. If its casual play and you don’t give a flying rats ass, then flash may not be that big of a deal

I am sly, not in a single picture! Sneaky snakin my way out of them at the least.

Haha what sucks about being in Salem is I don’t even know who anyone really is. Pretty much anyone I met at EVO whos from Seattle is who I know lol.

Haha there are a couple of me like way back in the distance. But you can’t even tell it’s me. I’m ninja, yo.

Damn I’m the only dude on the 5v5 that didn’t get a pic lol I got bad timing.

Shit really? I could have sworn I got some of you!

You should start a thread asking for donations in GD. Just say you are a girl.

Or that you are willing to make the change(even if you don’t mean it.)

Damnit! I found myself, just a sliver of my upper body, Picture 21/85 in the BlazBlue tournament pics. Me and Eman were playing casuals.

The same thing in 42/85, 42/85, then in SF4 Tournament 107/111+111/111, I’m holding a green grocery bag, then in 108 you catch a glimpse of me finishing my Tuna Salad sandwich next to Francis.

I’ll take free money! I’m so fucking tired though I’m spacing on the fact if I even know what GD is or if that is even directed towards me


Okay JalapNo, I know who you are now.