Photoshop 6 installtion help needed!


I bought a new pc over the weekend, and I want to install photoshop 6 on it. My old pc also has photoshop 6 installed. The problem is the guy who installed Photoshop on my old pc has moved out of state, but he left me a cd with photoshop on it. The only thing that’s missing is the cd key. By opening photoshop on my old pc, I THINK I can see the cd key by clicking “help”, then opening “about Photoshop” which shows my name, a phony business name, and “PWW600R7105467”. Is that the cd key? If it is, my new pc won’t accept it because there are supposed to be some dashes in there, but I don’t know where they go. Help?


That is the serial number. In order to install you need the serial number and the CD key, which is the dash and then the last 3 numbers.