Photoshop 7.0 RAM error..HELP!

Ok so I posted this over at Tagmonkey,but I need to post it here too…I need allll the help I can get with this…

I have a PROBLEMMMMMM!!! I just got Photoshop 7 back today after a LONGGGGG time,but at the startup screen after it loads the brushes and such,an error box with the red “x” icon pops up saying this:

“Could not initialize Photoshop because there is not enough free memory(RAM).”

SO…I did a search on Google to try and find a solution,and I did…this site told me to go to the “System” part on the Control Panel(I have Windows 98,btw),and to adjust my RAM to twice the amount of RAM I have installed. I have 128MB installed,so I upped it to 256,but STILL no result. I have MORE than enough memory stored up,and even after doing what the site told me to do,I still get the error message.I don’t wanna mess with my comp’s RAM anymore if I don’t have to,since it’s been said that’s it’s risky to do so.

SO… my question to all of youse is…


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Maybe a program running in the BG is eating up all of your ram. Check for viruses/spyware and close any unnecessary programs you may have running, and then try loading PS again.

Hmmm…nope…I closed out all running programs…still gettin the error…forgot to add that in the past PS7 worked on this same comp until one day it just started showin that message… :confused:

I’ll send you ps3 so you can see if that works. I heart Rei.


Your Photoshop 7.0 program is working. Your computer has serious problem. I have same problem of yours.

My computer said, “Your virtual memory is not enough” for many times.

My computer has 256k ram. I must get more memory. I did talk my friend about virtual memory problem. He did tell me that I must buy more memory. I refused to believe him. I decided to call Dell technican about annoying virtual memory problem. He did tell me that my computer got no enough memory. He suggested me must purchase more memory rams. Now, I did apologize my friend about virtual memory problem.

My wallet: sniff

DEAF!!Hey man…long time no see!!Didn’t know you were still around…

So you’re saying I have to BUY something now?!! UGHHHHHHH!!
Roughly how much would more of it cost?

now… I believe that i have the answer to your problems

i ran into the same problm a while back… mine was because of ps shutting down incoprrectly. I uninstalled and reinstalled and had the same error.

your memory is full…or atleast ps thinks your ps chache is. try this… start ps and immediatly hols ctl,alt and shift or i think it may be ctl and alt… but it should pop up a window asking if you want to reset your settings. tell if yes and it should dump the previous save file.

shoul’d have any more problems after that.

Hi, Justin.

I am very busy in college. Blame “nazi teacher”!!! I mean… he gave me lot of homework like I did do question 1 to 20 per homework attempt. I can’t skip it because… :frowning: “nazi teacher” did warn me and my classmates, “If you will do late homework, then I will not grade it.”


It will hurt my GPA. ouch!!! :frowning:

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EDIT: I forgot about prices. I do not know what computer that you have.

I have Dell Premium 4 Dimension series. I did find 512k Memory Ram for Dell Dimension is least $150. Ouch… :frowning: My Dell did reject PNY and other non-Dell memory rams.

Try to find any stores can sell cheaper for your computer. PNY memory ram sells cheaper. I am not sure about other memory rans.

256 is more than enough to run ps7. I ran it since it came out… and at the time the pc i had was a 450mhz so memory is not the issue.

you might want to check 2 other things… you can change your vm cache on your pc (right click on my computr, properties and on the advanced tab you should have a listing for vm)

the other is letting your ps chach on another drive, particitioned or 2ndary. this may help.

…and we have a winner.GREATLY appreciate it…as well as the other advice…FINALLY got it goin again…YESSSSS!! :lol: