Photoshop Brushes

I need some help from someone that actually knows what their doing with Adobe Photoshop 7.0/CS/CS2, I need either someone to teach me, or give a link for a tut…

Problem: How do you make the “spray can” effect, I need a bold brush for hard color…

Please someone help, I would be forever greatful…


You can go here for some PS Q&A.

You can make a spray can effect with the default brushes that PS already has for you. Select the brush tool, then in the upper right of PS there’s a brush tab and click that to open more options. From there, you can adjust to create the desired effect. Dual Brush would help with this. And for the effect to have it “spray” click the little airbrush icon in the tab that’s under your files menu at the top.

With the airbrush tab, it allows you to hold down a click of the mouse and keep the brush constantly going.

OR you can go a long manual way and create the spray can effect yourself and save it as a brush. For example, just take any shaping tool and make a bunch of small circles. or better yet, with that, you can just click one of the preset brushes that’s shaped like a circle, and from there use the brush options and adjust the jitter and spread. Then save that layer as a brush and work with that.

I’m sorry i can’t get into better detail than this, but i’m at a netcafe and i can’t check my own PS to make sure.

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Well man, yes I did know that the thread was there, but I didn’t have the time at that point to sit around and search through all that crap for a lil brush effect… sorry, but some of us do have jobs… btw, thanks for helpin…

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