Photoshop Challenge #2: Jack Thompson

I think it’s our civic duty as gamers to fuck up some Jack Thompson photos of him for being a total asshat.

But please…do NOT let this deter you from quiche’s av battle. We have priorities you know.

Just to see how he looks, this is how he looks:


make me one that says jack thompson is fuckachunkz

nice idea… heres mine…

:clap: hahaha! Can someone make some alterations to his book?

Here is a pic:

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

I tried to post this 2 days ago, and I tried to post it again earlier today.

both times, when I hit the “submit” button, SRK went down.

Here’s hpoing the 3rd time’s the charm?

My take:

See Adam Epstein

I’m sorry, but Jack Thompson looks way too much like an older Jon Stewart.


AH hahahha

Here’s another pic that can be photo-shopped. It has good potential I think: