Photoshop issue when printing


Alright, so I went ahead and made myself a flyer for the next tournament at our arcade.
Made the size of the image just right (it’s a size of a normal sheet of paper) and everyone looks good.

Now, I got over to FedEx and get the flyer printed, and I notice it has a lot of pixels on it. However, the person next to me prints out something on the same exact printer and his flyer looks perfect.

What am I doing wrong here?


Probably your DPI.

300 DPI is a minimum for color images, and 600 is a minimum for small text.


DPI? Your talking about the Resolution, correct?


DPI stands for Dots per inch. It is related to the resolution. Your monitor displays images roughly at 72-96 Dots per inch. The LCD pixels blur together and look smoother due to the light emission blending the colors better.

In print however 300 DPI is the standard for printing on paper. Your eyes can pick up the flaws better.

An 1024x800 picture will look marvelous on your computer screen full size, but when you print it out it will look jagged and pixelated.

The eye is more perceptive to images printed out in ink compared to a monitor.


I see.
Thank you very much for the input, guys :smiley:


600? Who prints at 600? I’ve been working as a print designer for 6 years now and have never printed anything at over 450. That’s just overkill. If they want text to be that precise, they just vector that shit… and people can’t tell anyway.


I don’t remember where I learned it, but at some point I was told 600, and since then that’s what I’ve always used if I needed small text. I’m glad to hear I can go lower.