Photoshop Pros Please

Ok, I have a pic that is of the back of my head which has my tattoo. If someone could eliminate everything from the pic except the tattoo and clean up the image justa bit (reinforcing the outline and darkening it and the shading a bit, and where my skin is inside the tattoo, just make that white or maybe red…

Please if you could, give it a go and see what you can do. I have provided a link to the pic below.

hope this helps :sweat:

Thanks! That is pretty good, is it possible to take out the “pink” per se where it was my skin and just make that white?

Or take the spots that are white right now and make them red or purple?

Bump Can I get a witness?

That is a prettty mean as tattoo man …

I just started on mine costin alot of bread

bu anyways cool fuckin tat how long did it take

It only took about 2 hours.