photoshop question

does anyone know how i can make the lightning effects in this painting with photo shop

you mean the way sakuras headband shines like that? I think its blur or burn tool cant remember

easiest method

select your layer on the right hand panel preview, right click> Blending Options

A new menu pops up, select “outer glow” from the list (click the words not just the tick box) default is light yellow so set it to white, play around with the ‘spread’ and ‘size’ options, you will see the effect it has on your work as you do so.

cool thanks Im just getting the hang on photoshop. this advise should do some good.

duplicate the original layer/
go to filters and diffuse glow/
set duplicate layer on overlay/
mask any part that you dont want out and leave what you want in. done.

Thanks for the help guys