Photoshop request

Ok guys, I have a simple request. I have a image that I would like to use for my TE stick but the problem is that it has some text on it that I just dont like. Which is my reason for this thread. Im asking someone if they could do it for me please? Id really REALLY appreciate it. I would post the image here but because most image sharing websites resize large images I dont want to lose quality and/or resolution, if you know a way around this post it, ill see what I can do. Let me know what your thoughts are, any feedback is appreciated. Ill be checking this thread very frequently for replies so it shouldnt take me long to respond. =]

Dimensions = 1920x1200 72x72 dpi

I’m pretty sure you can try Imageshack and it should allow you to post it here or at least link to it in its native resolution. If you post it here, I’ll take a crack at it.

Where is the pic at?


Well it was resized to a smaller resolution but there it is, i could email it to you if ud like?