Photoshop Request

I recently started my own company and I was wondering if someone could design a banner for me? My company is Deals In Motion and its a hassle-free car buying service. Im horrible with Photoshop and the banner I currently have up is pretty mundane. I can provide all of the images for the banner so if you would like to help, please PM me or respond to this thread. Thanks!

This is just a quick stab at something, hope it’s on the right path. All images are stock and royalty free fyi.

Oh wow, that’s pretty good! Definitely in the right direction. I would never be able to do something like that! Here are additional photos for you to use; if you’d still like to work on the project:

Can anyone please help with this? I would greatly appreciate it.

No response…I’ll assume you didn’t want it.

? … No response to what?

To sheer awesome, I assure you.


Was bored. :smiley:

Post it again, best GIF ever!

Check out mine!