Photoshop Resizing Question (sort of)


Hey, i have these two pics and i’m going to put them in the same image kind of far apart from each other, but it’s still the same pic.

Compared to the ChunLi pic, the Terry one seems slightly too small. Is there any kind of accurate way to resize the Terry one so that they sort of ‘match’ or is eyeing it the only way to go? I know that what i’m requesting is probably way more advanced than it sounds, but any help would be appreciated.


like this?


Hehe … but how did you pick the new size? Just guessed?


lol nah… theres an option in PS that allows which ever pic ur trying to resize keep its proportions (width and height). so i just mess with the size a bit until it matches that chunli pic.


I know that much, but i mean, how did you decide to go with 430x323 instead of 432x324? My reasoning is that if those two pics had come from a photo, there would really only be one correct pair of sizes for them to match. So there has to be some way to figure out the exact size that the Terry pic has to be in order to match the Chun pic right?


You could use guides if you are really picky.


Edit > Free Transform the image. Make sure you hold shift while using this, to keep proper proportions.


What guides?

I’m not that picky. I’m just honestly curious if there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve guesswork.


Press ctrl R to pop up Rulers, then click and drag from inside the ruler and it will bring out a guide.


That’s dope! But how’s that supposed to help? Hehe …


It helps you get the exact dimensions you want, everything will snap to the guides.


But like, part of the problem is that those two pictures are highly stylized with crazy perspective. So i don’t really even know what to compare between the two. I mean, i guess you can compare the heads and try to get those the sameish size, but even that’s a stretch. Any ideas?