Photoshop Template Help



I just started to get into the whole Fight Stick Modding Scene. I’m trying to design a template for my fight stick (Hori Fight Stick 3 for PS3) and I’m having troubles designing it in Photoshop CS.

I have the button layout that was provided in the Fight Stick 3 Modding Thread, with the outline of the metal board. My problem is when I’m designing my own image, how do you copy where the exact button and joystick placement is from the outline that was provided and paste it in the same spot on the new image? So what I want is my image with the buttons and joystick holes showing up on it. Do I have to add a layer or so? But how do I put the holes in the exact spot as from the outline?

Also for the edges of the outline, how do I copy that exact same edge format (it’s not perfectly rectangle) with my new image, how would i crop it so?

I’m a noob to photoshop and editing so please help


I don’t know personally, as I’m learning how to use Photoshop at the moment. Take a look in the Image Mishmash forum as there are stickes with links for photoshop, may see sometihng of aid there. Hope this helps.


I personally prefer laying things out in Illustrator, but it really is a matter of preference.

For PS, you can use the circular marquee to make a 24mm and 30mm circle for the holes you are looking for. To do this:

  1. Make a new layer. Title it “Circles” or something so you’ll know which one you’re working on instead of the original.

  2. Select the Circular Marquee tool (click and hold on the square marquee until the little menu pops up to the right, then click the circle).

  3. Look at the top bar where it says “Style”. Find “Fixed Size” in that little dropdown menu and input your sizes (24mm and 30mm) into the Width and Height boxes to the right of the dropdown menu.

  4. Click anywhere in your art board and a 24mm/30mm circle will appear!

  5. Just line your new circles up (make sure you still have the marquee tool selected or it won’t let you drag them around) over the original template. Set the Circle layer you just made to multiply at the top of the layers palette, and fill the circles with a light blue or something other than black.

I hope that was clear enough. It’s hard to break stuff down into steps sometimes because I’m so used to doing stuff in PS without thinking. Hope that helps!


This might answer your question, I’m actually a bit confused about your question. So if you have the template, open it up. Then it’s as simple as dragging the image/artwork you want onto the template. You might have to resize your image depending on its size. You’ll then notice that your artwork/image is covering the circles where the joystick and buttons would go. Go to the layers menu. Take the layer that your image is in, and then click and drag that layer under the layer that has the circles and under the layer that has the shape of the top panel. It’s a bit difficult for me to explain without any pictures. Then when you go to save it, save it as a different name.


Thank you, I had the same question. Also why is the template so big? I am using the template everyone has but it seems way too big.


If you are using the template I think you are it should be mega easy. There is a layer that even says “PUT ARTWORK HERE”. You just open the artwork you want, copy it and paste it to this file in the layer I just specified. As said above you will more than likely need to make the image bigger or smaller to fit in the template the way you want. The hole outline layer should already be above this layer not giving you a problem with hole placement. Hope this helps.


I’m new to the whole modding scene too and i dont have photoshop and dont know ho to use it anyway. can some make me some artwork for the hori fighing stick 3 and post it here. make sure it has 300dpi or more so it prints out nice. I would like a metal gear solid 4 and heavenly sword if possible. thank you.


i ahve photoshop 6 and the te template and the artwork i want to use i just cant get it into the template . can some one help?


hey man, i have photoshop 7, but im pretty sure it will work for 6 as well. all you have to do is open up the template, and open up your art work. then use the move tool (the little arrow with like a cross beneath it), and click on your art work. hold the click down, and drag it onto the template. it will show up and you can move it accordingly. make sure on the side in the layers box that your artwork layer is beneath the button holes so that the holes will show up over the artwork. then if you want to edit the size of your art, click on the edit tab at the top of photoshop, and click on free transform. a square will surround your art and you can drag the corners to change the size. double click on it, or choose another tool and it will ask you to apply changes. Do that and your art will come out larger and clear. i hope that helped ya lol