Photoshopped images of players in tournaments

A friend made this and sent this to me, so I thought I’d start a thread for these kind of pics. I’m sure some funny ones will be made for Evo :slight_smile:

This pic was taken at the pacific northwest majors, during the finals:

I was drinking from a water bottle and screwing the cap back on… my friend who saw the pic didn’t see the water bottle and thought that I looked like I was trying to throw a fireball, so he made this :slight_smile:

Throwing in an advert for your former company. . . . Nice, Julien.

It is probably hosted on Cardomain. Looks good though, almost as good as Doughboy’s av. But we can save that for another thread.

hmm yeah the hosting watermark image is annoying. Wonder if preppy can host it…

Post a version with white space surrounding it, let the watermark show up in that junk space, link to that, and I’ll cut that out and rehost it. =\

That’s pretty awesome. I lol’d.