Photoshopping required. Apply within (NOT an av request)

Edit: Already done. thanks

If I was at home I’d take a crack at it. Looks like it just needs a little clone stamping tool to rub him out…(no homo)

It seems my girlfriend already did this. Thanks for the tip on the tool though :tup:

sorry to bumb this thread I wanted to ask if anyone could flip this picture horizontal and put in the button and joystick template on top I would like a Japanese style for the template, I do want the button template to cover much of the picture. I can’t do this rite now because I don’t have photoshop anymore and the only thing you can do with paint is flip the picture. Please no negative reputation for posting it here.

Goddamn, start your own thread.

sorry didn’t want to make all this random threads and have all this threads that are going to be used only for a request and is going to die in a few days. Sorry for doing this, if it bothers you I can erase my comment.