Phreakmods Link Review


I just wanted to post this real quick review of the Phreakmods Link for both Seimitsu and Sanwa/Hori sticks. I have one for my LS-32 and my Hori Hayabusa. The thing is great. Immediately after installing it in each stick I noticed that my execution was much tighter and better. I couldn’t tell you the science behind this and why that is… but it IS. Now it could also be that I cleaned and re-greased my pivots at the same time I did the install but the sticks were fairly new anyway so it really didn’t need it. It’s cool being able to take your balltop off and wear it around your neck using the Phreakmods lanyard. Once you get their Lanyard, you can pretty much remove the connection point and install it on ANY lanyard. I’m going to Walmart to pick up a LA Rams one and wear it with that. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t use a dustwasher on the “inner” side of the stick. You know how you’re supposed to use two? The lower one you can’t install with this particular device. That’s not a huge deal. Anyway check out Arcadeshock or Focus Attack and pick yourself up one! Latez!


Nice review, although I feel you are late for the party as Phreakmods’ Link been around for a while now.
I still got my LS-32 Link from the Kick Starter, and there are those who have the older pre-kick starter JLF Links.

The Dustwasher thing is a downside, but you aren’t required to have two dust washers installed on a stick.
Although a 24mm hole plug will cover up any joystick hole when the Link is not in use. Phreakmods even made their own hole covers just for joysticks.