PHX, AZ Fix & Play Videogame store working on hosting tournaments


Fix & Play Video Games, a relatively new gaming store in the Phoenix area is planning on hosting a tournament in the coming weeks. We have a beautiful setup for tournaments with 8 tvs mounted along with being the largest game store in AZ. Still ironing out the details but this is just to give SRK a heads up because I know the West Valley scene is rather weak in terms of gatherings and especially tournaments. I will keep this thread/post updated with details so we can finally have an ongoing tourney here locally.

As for the store itself we have been open for almost a year and have two locations now. One located at 105th Avenue and Indian School (10575 W indian School Rd Suite# 108, Avondale AZ 85323) The other (where the tournaments will be) at 83rd avenue and Camelback (4819 N 83rd ave suite #107 Phoenix, AZ 85037). We buy and sell used games/consoles even retro items! Ranging from Atari to Wii and everything in between. Also we specialize in repairing broken game consoles so if you have RROD, YLOD, broken disc trays, console not reading discs, you name it we fix it…bring it on in! We also have disc cleaning machines the will buff out nearly any scratches.

Thanks SRK, reply with what you’d like to see at these tournaments (games played, tournament styles, prizes, entry fees, etc) There’s no reason we can’t turn this into a legit tournament with your help.

Here are some pictures of the location where tournaments will be held

The Spectator area:

The Coliseum:




You guys the same ppl that tried to hold that Marvel tourney couple months ago but like me and 4 others showed?


Don’t think so, this store has only been open for a month not even. Our other store isn’t setup for tournaments either so it must have been another place.

Just to clarify too since this is kind of bordering personal/professional life…I’m here as an SRK member who has a chance to setup some reoccuring legit tournaments at work…not as a Fix & Play employee trying to advertise our stores. I’ve only been working here for less than a month and the owner said he wants to start doing tournaments so I’m just taking the initiative here.


Alright cool, I’m at 43rd ave and Glendale so you guys aren’t to far from me. I usually hold the gatherings at my place for the westside. I’m gonna make a trip out there this week and test out your monitors and discuss what kind of tournaments you guys would like to have. I suggest SFxT and Marvel since they are what’s hot right now! Your place looks huge which is a plus for sure!


I just checked my wallet, and I still had that “discount card” they gave us at the time, its the same people.


When’s the first tournament for the 83rd location? It’s literally half a mile from my house. 8D


I am in full support for this been trying to find local tournaments for awhile.


Daigo fuck off, tomorrow I’m gonna head over there. Whats your guys schedule of business through out the week?




Monday thru Saturday, 10-9. Sunday 11-6. We don’t have any SFxT or SF in right now, only vanilla MVC3 and Tekken 6 for fighting games on 360 so if you’re not familiar enough with those games to test you’ll have to bring a copy of something you are.

Fuzzykips, it won’t be for a few weeks at least. This MW3 tournament we’re doing is on the 31st so after that I’ll start trying to make it official. Still have to figure out what game we’ll start with, fees/prizes, and maybe even console even though it seems like the general consensus is 360


If it helps any i do have a copy of UMVC3, KOF13, and SSF4 ae all for the 360


:o MW3 tournament is also relevant to my interests, what are the specifics on entering that one? You could send me a private message about this one if you wanna avoid cluttering up this thread.


Scott close this thread please, we can discuss this in the other phoenix thread, dont need 2, or merge them.


The MW3 tournament is going to be FFA matches on xbox 360. $3 to enter and winner gets an Elite subscription ($50 value). It’s on the 31st, can pay early at the store or at the door. Fee might be $5 at the door though


How much to fix a xbox36o game ?