Physical Retailer Selling Sticks in Seattle Area?


I am in need of some assistance regarding a slightly difficult project.

I’m interested in buying an arcade stick while spending a single day in Seattle before returning to a country far, far away, in a galaxy without “brick and mortar” or even mail-order game hardware.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows of a store in the Seattle area that has arcade sticks in stock.

Buying online is unfortunately not an option in such a limited time frame.

I would like to get a MadCatz tournament edition or possibly a “brawlstick” as I hear those are relatively high quality, but any Xbox / Windows compatible stick should be fine.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance,


For posteritas, the following are my findings during my one day in Seattle:

I was not able to find an arcade stick.
I visited these locations:

Tuesday December 27th 2011
[]GameStop, Pacific Place, downtown
]GameStop, Northgate Mall, Northgate
[]RadioShack, Northgate Mall, Northgate
]Best Buy, Northgate North, Northgate
[]Pink Gorilla, Chinatown, international district
]Pink Gorilla, the avenue, university district
[*]Some shabby-looking video store, the avenue, university district (they had a surprising amount of retro and contemporary video games! At least as many as Pink Gorilla!)

A few other locations I did not have time to visit:

Tuesday December 27th 2011

[]GameStop, Broadway, Capitol Hill
]GameStop, Southcenter Mall, Tukwila
[]Fry’s Electronics, Renton (rumored across the internet to be a good place to get sticks)
]Game Gurus, Lake City (There’s also one in Aurora, WA)
**Pink Gorilla **did not have Xbox 360 arcade sticks at either store. They did however have some rather nice Sega Saturn and Mega Drive sticks, as well as various cool peripherals for a bunch of old systems. I wasn’t sure if any of these could be adapted for my needs, so I didn’t purchase any.
The employees here did claim they would have people trade in sticks on an irregular basis, so it’s probably a good place to look for good deals on used ones.

GameStop claimed over the phone that their website was wrong and none of their stores had any arcade sticks in stock. This was confirmed at the two stores I visited.
The GameStop at Northgate had a Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick. (The doofus behind the counter insisted they didn’t have it, even though I saw it on the shelf on my way in (he also sold me a game box with the wrong game inside (f*ing GameStop!)))
They also had a single fightpad left. It’s not there anymore, I bought it.

Best Buy didn’t have squat. The people there just kept sending me back and forth between the video game and the computer department.


Plan ahead before trips (duh!)
Get a stick online! It’s probably cheaper and more convenient despite the 3 week layover and 20% price increase it will get in customs.
Don’t trust GameStop! It’s probably cheaper and more convenient to just gouge out your own eyes with a rusty pair of scissors.

Let’s hope someone finds this info useful.