Physically handicapped/disabled FGC players

A few days ago I fractured the ring finger of my right hand for the second time. It feels awkward as hell not being able to execute stuff I normally would. At least it will heal in a few weeks time, hopefully.

This made me wonder how many players out there are physically disabled and what they have to do to overcome it, to play fighting games.

First player that comes to mind is BrolyLegs. Plays partially with his face and is aided by custom-mapped buttons. Dude could probably whip me with his Chun-Li.

Yeap, so is there anyone else out there?


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me, im black. can only play Marvel games

Holy fuck? How was my comment flagged for spam?

You asked for a player that was physically handicapped and I told you one. So that’s spam?

Speaking of which, I believe to be mentally handicap. Aside from the obvious (my posts here on this board), doctors ran a test on me by making me play KoF 97 when I was young. Sadly, as a mexican, I didn’t enjoy it. Doctors labeled me as a “special needs” child and grow up living a tuff life while being disrespected by my family. Where did I go wrong?!

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Changed a few things. I feel it reflects the feeling of many minorities… Everybody is a minority in the FGC though… Unless you’re in Montana.

Every arcade I went to back in the day that had KoF97, I feared for my life.

If you’re Asian/Mexican enough