Physicists Prove Teleportation of Energy Is Possible

diagram thingy here.

So what you guys think?


I find the new ketchup packaging design more ground-breaking.


When I was a freshman, my professor actually did an article with quantum theory showing how teleportation would work. This stuff is pretty interesting though and could be used for emergencies. Obviously though it can be used in ways of harm if given to the wrong people.

Plus, if this energy can be used somehow to replace fossil fuels, it will fall flat on its face because a lot of people would lose a lot of money. Powerful people.


How did they prove it’s possible? Until it’s a working component I’ll be a bit skeptical


well its sorta proven but all they are doing is saying is conversion of matter.
basically if i have a chain and i change the charge on one of them according to what they say the rest change because the energy of the first particle travels down the chain. Whats that mean?

It means silly stuff thats not very practical.


They “proved” it is possible? Who said it wasn’t?

Why would this be impossible? I see no contradictions involved in such a procedure.
The only impossibilities are logical impossibilities, everything else is permitted.

But going from quantum-entanglement to human-teleportation is quite a stretch.


That’s conservation of energy.


Amazing stuff!


with a broadcast energy transmitter, I could launch pods of mutating alien seeds into the atmosphere and teleport energy directly to them to hasten their growth, spreading the mutation enducing spores across the world ushering an age where cobra-la will reign supreme.


i think someone else a year or so back posted something about teleportation being possible, and not many ppl paid attention to it. regardless, its still cool reading up about it.


“Physicists Prove”
“According to the theory, developed by Masahiro Hotta”

…so they’ve proven nothing yet :wtf:


I guess it’s appropriate to say this here…

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Seriously though, nothing is really proven until we can actually see the teleportation in action. As for its applications, being able to teleport stuff has many uses. Businesses can use it as a way to move their goods right into the stores. People can use it to go somewhere without consuming resources, with the added side effect of preserving the environment. People who need to get to a hospital can be teleported instantly, increasing chances of survival.

I want to see some damn teleporters in my lifetime.


Why is nobody talking about Terrorism! Bin Laden will teleport into your bedroom! Murder you in your sleep, and take your job, what will Obama do? Nothing! I’m just asking the questions you ought to be asking yourselves POINTS AT CAMERA STANDBY ON TEARS 3, 2, 1…

/Glenn Beck


we will just have to teleport to bin laden first.


exactly. last time i checked a theory wasn’t proof.


With new technology, you have to take the new with the bad. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact of life. I’m sure there would be some security measures in place. I’m sure I couldn’t just teleport into some girl’s house while she’s showering.


This mean we can teleport out of traffic jams in our energy cars?


exactly. just look at evolution.


My dog can teleport farts so it seems like I did them.


Yay people using theory wrong. Article used the wrong word. This isn’t a theory but more of a working hypothesis. The experiment has its own conclusion but it definitely is not a theory; unlike, you know, that theory of relativity and evolution.

Theory - something so tested in science that we have no way to disprove yet.