Piano method help


I can’t do HP HHS with Honda
And when I try to do LP MP HP HP HP like some people have been telling me, I can’t push HP 3 times fast enough

Is there any easier way to piano?


Hondas Hp doesnt cancel into special moves.
try; Close Standing HP > Crouching Lp xx HHS
or just Crouching Lp xx HHS

but the easy method for pianoing Lp xx HHS is Lp Hp Mp Lp Hp.

There are tons of tutorials for pianoing in all the forums for each character with a rapid press special move


Theres a few ways you can do it, but as someone who isnt a Honda player I cant give you direct advice in regards to him, piano related only.

lets say your medium punch combos into HHS (I dunno if it does)

put your index finger on medium punch (this results in honda using medium punch) then slide your index finger:
HP,MP,LP, HP (ring finger)
if you want EX do the same thing but end on MP+HP

That seems to be a pretty quick way to do it, and its not too bad on your hand, which is always a plus

with that other method, you can always try mashing HP with both index and ring finger. That seems harder for me though, in fact hitting buttons over and over in general is much harder than simply pianoing imo

Just try and find a motion thats smooth and ends on 5 hits

this is chun related but may possibly be helpful:

its a tutorial i made on doing piano inputs by sliding


I find that practicing the C-Major scale on piano (for the right hand obviously) was the biggest help for me in learning the HHS piano-roll. I can do the HHS piano-roll flawlessly now with hardly any effort. Trills will help too. Work on speed and rhythm.



The first LP actually comes out, and the rest creates the HP.Hands cancel.


jab, strong, fierce, jab, fierce.


That ^ Really easy to learn, even just a day of just doing it while not even playing on SF will do it.