Piano + negative edge?

I dont have system to try this on and im just looking for some answers. if you piano left to right, do you have have to negative edge left to right? could you do a double piano and on the 2nd piano negative edge it? can you double piano for link and cancel frames? like a single piano for a cancel or a piano or piano+neg edge for link frames. does double piano even work? I know piano works because your still in animation frames but i was wondering if theres time to do it twice.

does anyone really do these types of tricks?

Wow that’s really complicated.

Negative edge is already built into the piano technique. I’m not sure if you understand this, forgive me if you do.

Anyways, piano just = 3 button presses + 3 negative edges. You press all 3 then release all 3 in quick succession. You shouldn’t need to double piano because the chance of you not getting the link is pretty slim. Plus double piano seems too long to be practical.

And lastly, you shouldn’t need to piano for cancels since the timing on them is very easy. You should only piano on links, where the timing needs to be precise.

It doesn’t really hurt to piano on cancels, actually.

you should HEAR Pyrolee’s piano.

I don’t piano, however. it just throws me off.

i was asking about double piano becauase if you could that would give you 9 chances for a super. So you could do like c.mp piano for cancel sa3 but if you miss the cancel window, then piano+ negative edge for the link. You could have 2 windows of oppurtunity in one hit confirm and 9 chances to land a super?

I see what you meant by the negative edge is built into the piano technique. I agree with the other guy that said to piano cancels. I think its stupid not too. You cant trust one button all the time and 3 is better than 1 IMO.

And if they blocked, and you drum the buttons during the cancel window, you eat damage that you wouldn’t have eaten, had you just attempted to link SA3.

You’re over-thinking.

im using this as a hit confirm technique not just to random super. piano hit confirm for cancel frames. Piano+neg edge hit confirm for link frames. who the hell does c.mp random super

So you’re saying you hit confirm the cr. mp xx super? If I’m not mistaken the cancel window for cr. mp is even smaller than the cr. mk.

I’ll believe you can do it when I see ANYONE confirm cr. mp off a cancel consistantly.

I rely on 1 button.

I would recommend it if you’re looking for a hit confirm. That way you don’t occupy your fingers or do it by accident. Because you don’t quite know yet if you want to do it, you know?

I would recommend piano only on what you know what is going to hit. Like a whiffed shoryu or palm strikes in a genei jin combo. Basically in places where you know its going to hit and you want to make sure its going to hit. I would only recommend piano there.

However, I have never heard of a double piano. I think 1 piano is enough, lol. If you can’t do it in 1 piano, i’d question if you are actully doing the movements correctly

wow? this is why I started the whole thread. I was trying to find a techniqe that could give me cancel frames AND link frames during a single hit. If I missed the cancel window or didnt go for it, id just piano neg edge for link. Double piano+ neg edge = 9 oppurtunities to land a super. Just not ken anyone really and not just c.mp.

The double piano was just a hit confirm trick I thought of. I dont even know if itll work. Like c.mp\c.mk confirm piano for cancel frames then piano+neg edge for link frames. You do both just incased you miss the first one but its easier just to link it. A piano for each part of the move that could be cancelled. It gives you 2 chances and 9 hit confirms.

I dont trust hitting 1 button for hit confirm because piano has better lee way. Youll get links sometimes. Youll hardly ever get an accidental link off a 1 button confirm. I already know how to hit confirm. I was just trying something new.

In order to piano and get the possibility of linking or canceling, you would have to start pianoing (is that even a word?) during the cancel frames anyway, which is before you could probably realistically react to a hit and drum the buttons. I’m not going to say it’s impossible, since some people are much better at hit confirmation than I am, but unless I’m mistaken you wouldn’t be able to piano for the cancel and then link unless you could hit confirm the cancel anyway.

What you’re saying is you do a cr. mp, input 2 QCF motions, then drum the buttons twice, once during the cancel window and once to make a link.

I’m sayin it’s not worth the effort because a) the cancel window of a cr. mp is so small that if you tried to hit confirm, by the time you react to the cr. mp hitting you’ve probably already missed the cancel window, so drummin twice is a waste of effort.

b) If you don’t confirm the cr. mp at the cancel window and every time you do a cr. mp you input the motion and drum twice you’re gonna end up cancelling off a blocked cr. mp.

c) What move in 3S can you both link and cancel into a super off of besides Ken’s cr. mp?

edit: I’m not tellin you not to think about things like this, or to try and theorize shit, but when you over think things like that you get theories like this that are really just wasted effort. I’m just tellin you this to save you goin thru all this shit when it’s not gonna improve much.

anyone actually piano ken’s c.mp --> shippu?

it’s so easy to time i just press one button; most of the time i forget its even a link.

however something like dudley’s dart shot into corkscrew i have to piano.

Why would you bother cancelling c.mp into shippu when you can link?

Easy to link hit confirm, hard to cancel hit confirm, linking gives more time to do the motions, etc.

The only time you do mp into super is as a poke-and-hope-it-hits-then-super anyhow… so?

I didn’t say cancel into shippu; i was saying that the link for c.mp into shippu is so easy that i basically treat it like a cancel, and was wondering why anybody would bother pianoing it.


wtf,c.mp can be cancelled AND linked? well thats news to me.

I can hit confirm ken’s C mp Pretty easily.

The method I use was learned from reading an NKI post somewhere. With ken just do a c mp, I then just pump the qcfx2 motion and wait, if it hits piano away ! If the C mp does not hit then don’t do anything. A good way to train yourself to hit confirm is put the computer on random block in training mode for sf3s on a home system and you will get it… I actually don’t piano, I just mash a kick if I see the c mp hit : )

Hit confirm OFF c mk is hard. I mean if I see the C mk is gonna hit it easy of course and its not really a confirm. But IF you can hit confirm the C mk id think it would be HARD.

PS Someone teach me Yun !