Piano or Slide?

Just curious as to which most of you guys prefer…

I myself have always been terrible at pianoing, even though i’ve played guitar for like over 10 years at this point, so I slide like it’s nobodies business. Never have problems getting cr lk or cr mk electricity out that way.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say most of you guys piano but i’m still curious sooooooooo post it!

Slide is faster and less tiring on my hand. Makes kicks to elec easier, and the additional speed makes osing between elec and something else easier.

I’m surprised I would’ve definitely thought you piano…

I seriously have no idea how people can get cr lk or cr mk elec down really well with pianoing.

I only need to sat down for about 20min to get slide to work pretty consistently.

Piano is way harder to get properly, I’ve always got EX elec or nothing at all.

I can get cr.LK or cr.MK xx Elec with slide alright, but I have to “prepare” my hands before, so it’s hard for me to do it during an intense match.

I don’t know how Ves can do st.LK xx Elec with slide

I actually piano cr.mk xx ex legs when I play chun, but you can be kind of mashy on the end with ex.

In general I feel more confident with slide in regards to those.

I generally only do these during a setup. Blocked/Hit jumpin, crumple, or as a meaty, so it gives you time to get your hand shifted and such.

It’s no different than cr.lk, hell it’s easier. Plus I want my extra 10 damage a lot!

I piano because I can do it super consistently, I like it better for buffering walk electricity, I hate sliding, and when girls see how good I am at it they give me their phone numbers.

Worst thing about sliding is that if you’re borrowing someone elses stick it’s weird to adjust to because of differences in how much buttons are broken in.

I think that’s another reason i piano and i don’t use 8 buttons.

sticks are different.

Like i said in an other thread, i’m left handed and i can perfectly piano with my left hand without training, but with my right hand, i just can’t do that… i tried this a lot of time with my right hand and it’s terrible, really terrible.

So i had two choices here

  • Play like Seth Killian :
  • Learning the slide method which is possible to do with my right hand, it was not easy to begin but with a lot of training, i can now use it with full successful with far/close lp xx hp elec. I have a weird issue with kicks xx hp elec, focus comes out because i have a finger in a kick button when i go to the slide but it’s not a big deal, just need more training…

So yes, i use slide and i’m proud of that.

Piano definitely. It doesn’t hurt your fingers, it doesn’t generally feel awkward, and it just seems silly when you can keep your hand in the same position. People don’t realise how much time you have to do jab xx fierce elec - use the method 12313, and do two simple rolling motions with your wrist and you should be fine

You should be fine until carpal tunnel syndrome kicks in… :smiley:

I prefer 13213 for piano. Piano in any way gives me RSI though. I buffer elec a lot. Like on someones wakeup, buffer elec, walk forward elec in the corner. Really solid against deejay or Yun. Or as AA vs. divekick characters.

13213 is easier and gets more phone numbers in my experience.

Slide for life - Piano gives me CTS

#1 Slide for st.lp xx hp.elec / st.lk xx hp.elec / cr.lk xx hp.elec
#2 Piano for j.mk, st.lp xx hp.elec / hop, st.lp xx hp.elec / j.hk, st.mp, st.lp xx hp.elec / cr.mk, st.lp xx hp.elec

Can you see the pattern? Buffering.

I can slide with #2 list, but prefer to piano… less energy, more consistency with timing, and maybe most importantly; pianoing ending in HP can be an option select ‘riverrun slide’, st.hp anti-air or a cr.hp OS against backdashers:


I use piano. My method is lp, hp, mp, lp, hp for regular usage and hp, mp, lp, mp, lp for dashing electricity. If I want to hop into a crossover lk into electricity on wakeup then I use red ranger’s method, which is just mashing lp,lk 5 times in a row fast.

Usually before the first round of every match I have a little ritual that looks like this to keep me warmed up. 3 regular pianos and a dash back piano.


so against the characters that lp electricity whiffs on you just accept that and don’t do cr.lk xx elec on them?

C.lk xx fp elec always felt a little bit easier than s.lp xx fp elec to me, and I was able to do c.lk elec consistently first. I’m weird though.

I played that Red Ranger guy one time online I was super surprised he was so high ranked, but his style does lend well to online.

So I guess more pianoers are coming out… I gotta give props to anyone who can piano well consistently, especially after a cr lk or cr mk… Really tough.

And about playing left handed that’s absolutely nuts. Back when I had arcades all over by me, almost like 10 years ago, I used to go to this one all the time. There was this Japanese MvC2 player I used to play a good amount and he switched his hands over like that, seeing it the 1st time I was literally blown away I couldn’t believe people did that.

Red Ranger does decently well in tournaments too, there are some videos of him vs people like Sanford Kelley and whatnot. I think his Blanka would be tenfold better if he knew how to piano though.

I think someone mentioned about clk into electricity? I’m not sure if it was directed at me or not, but for me it’s just a simple lk/lp plink into the 13213 piano. I can’t do mk into electricity as much. For mk I usually just combo into a ball if I already have the charge.