Piano Positions



Hey all. I would just like to know everyone’s take on piano,what’s the most comfortable way you all do it. This may also help out alot of people who might not be comfortable with the way they are doing it now. Please no spam on this topic, I’d like to just keep it nice and tidy and clean to get to the point of helping people. :slight_smile: This is not a topic for a mk-hands thread. This can be helpful to any character that you need to piano with.

I myself use the following, also note that the buttons are labeled as:

[] [] [] []
[] [] [] []

[Punches] Top left to right as: 1-2-3-4
[Kicks] Bottom left to right as: 5-6-7-8

Now, It’s not all easy in the begginning when you first learn to piano, but when you do learn about it and practice, it comes pretty naturally. First of all, Learn to hit each button individually. You do not want an EX move comming out of nowhere and waste a bar for nothing. It takes a while to get used to the movement of the fingers, but you’ll eventually get it.

I started to learn by pianoing my fingers in the button pushing of Gen’s bread and butter combo. So I did Medium Kick to hands which would be 6-1-2-3 for the first part,hitting medium kick then pianoing all three punches from light to heavy. Then I push 2-3 to finish the combo.

I don’t mind this method, but I am sure there are much more better methods out there. I wouldn’t mind finding another method due to not being to comfortable with mine.

So now, Everyone is welcome to help out this thread and give your opinion and thoughts on the piano method. Let’s all help eachother out. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading.


Ahhh very interesting thread :]

I usually slide for pokes, but for my BnB (specifically mp>mk>hands>mk>hands) I do the following:

2-3-2-1-6-3 > 3-2-1-6+1-3 FADC repeat

For the first part I piano 3-2-1 while the mp is still in effect then 6-3 really fast so the buffer won’t go away for hands

Next I piano 3-2-1 again WHILE the hands are in effect, 6+1 is at the same time (kara) then 3 :]

I find this way most comfortable because I made this specifically for myself, I’m not saying that I found out this first before anyone else, JiBbo had a certain way, I tried it his way and found it really difficult, so I just reduced the amount of inputs and bam :smiley:


I found a more comfortable way of pianoing for gen and honda for myself. I go:

1-3-2-1-2-3 for hondas jab into hands.
6-3-2-1-2-3 for gens mk-hands

I feel this is more relaxing on the hand muscles since it goes with the flow of movement other then my old way of left to right piano since i’m right handed.


My comfortable way is
6+1 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> 3

At first I could try almost any piano method and still pull an EX somewhere along the road.
The key is lots and lots of practice sticking with the SAME method.

I’d say about a week or two(not non-stop of course…) of practicing any piano method and you’ll get it down to the point where you never pull EX-Hands.