Pianoing on pad?


Okay so I have been a member of Shoryuken.com for quite some time now but this is my first thread :3 Anyway, my question:

I have been playing Super since September and I switched to AE when it came out. I have pretty much nailed everything down, FADCs, 1 Frame Links, Option Selects. You get the idea. But one of the things I just can’t seem to get down is pianoing.

I know what pianoing is, when you input 5 punchs/kicks with preferably the Fierce/Roundhouse coming out last. It seems easy enough on a joystick as all the punchs and kicks are in a row. But with a pad, because of its layout, one of the punchs/kicks has to be on the top, which can be awkward at times. Here’s my layout:

Pad: Xbox 360
Layout: X = Jab
Y = Strong
LB = Fierce
A = Short
B = Forward
LT = Roundhouse
RB = Punch x3
RT = Kick x3

Now I like my layout and I don’t want it to change because I have grown acustomed to this layout and it seems pointless to change it for like 4 characters.

So let’s take Honda; i cannot seem to hit his BnB, j.hp c.lp cancel into hp.hands (s.hk afterwards), simply because I cannot piano on a pad.

So my question: Is there any way to help me piano on a pad? Or will it always be this difficult no matter what? Can any of you piano fine on a pad? And if so, then how do you do it?

Thanks guys!


mashing > everything

Learn stick it’s worth it (thats coming from someone that plays on a PC keyboard)


I cant really tell you if its hard or not, but pianoing is possible on gamepad, but I am not saying that it is comfortable. Look on the video below.