"Pianoing" on the Xbox 360 controller, Trouble doing Decapre's Rapid Daggers. Need advice!


Before I say anything I must explain that I cannot afford of a Arcade stick at the moment so unfortunately I’m stuck with playing the game with a 360 controller and yes I know arcade sticks are much more efficient for playing fighting games.

Anyways, I recently got Ultra Street fighter 4 and starting playing as Decapre. She is an incredibly fun character to use but I cannot for the life of me use her Rapid Daggers special. There are moments where I want to combo c.MP or c.MK into Rapid Daggers but I just can’t do it. is there a good method of doing attacks like Rapid daggers on a xbox 360 controller?


I honestly cannot imagine anyone playing on pad and being able to do moves like rapid dagger proficiently unless you have a pad with 6 face buttons like the madcatz fightpad.
You might be able to get it out on a normal PS3 or 360 controller but not in any controlled way. Sorry man.

Personally i think these moves are f*cking obnoxious and relics of the past, and have to atleast be adjusted for the current generation of players that mainly play on pad.