Pic of Cammy I did on Paintbrush


I know it sucks but paintbrush is hard as a mothafucka to do details with lol

Comments?? Feel free to dog it, any and all opinions are welcome :slight_smile:


I know that pose, haha.

Sometimes less is more. Giving hints at detail without drawing them all the way out gets our imagination going and helps compleat the picture more on its own. Thereโ€™s no need for so much detail on her abs, just a thin line following the middle can work fine. Her left elbow is a little too low as well, but other than that, great job using Paint, haha. Thanks for the blue eyes too.


I *dig it, cool stuff, fire.tisane has some good tips, but either way, fan art is fan art, and its well done! Better than I can do :slight_smile: