Pic of my Samurai Shodown dedicated cab I made

I decided to make Sam Sho 2 a six button game (instead of crappy four button) so it could be played more like SF2. Screw pushing two buttons at once to get a stronger attack :lame:

So, what better place to show it than here

control panel art:

marquee art:

my son playing the final product:

If anyone’s interested on how to wire buttons in such a manner, just use diodes. I think I used N4001 diodes so that the button presses for the weak buttons would register alone, and the third button on each row would register as both because of the direction the diodes face. If you have questions, let me know. This is the only way to play Sam Sho 2!

Purists don’t like stuff like that but props on the cab mod for SS2. What other cabs you own?

Shouldn’t this be in Tech Talk?

Other cabs I have currently:

NFL Bltz/NBA Showtime
Virtua Fighter Evo
Point Blank 2
Hydro Thunder
Super Mario Bros (NES version, but harder)

And I own two pins: Who Dunnit and Star Trek Next Generation.

I just sold not long ago my Tekken 5 and SF3 Third Strike cabs, as nobody played them. :frowning:

Here’s a demo of what I did with those buttons. Screw the purists, pushing two buttons at once is retarded for a BASIC move!


What!? No one played third strike? Dammit. Awesome cab though. :tup:

wow nice work