Piccolo Thread - The Demon King's Heir

Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!

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Nice combos, trying to get my neutral solid and a bnb in muscle memory for every character in my team before I start drilling the corner stuff but it looks like you’ve found some crazy stuff for the corner there.

Few things I’ve noticed in the lab.

6S not only confirms into 5C at max range but you can actually option select with it, just hit 6C whenever you throw 6S out, if you hit or get blocked you get 5C (which you can then cancel to continue to combo or pressure), if you whiff you don’t.

wtf is 5c?

5 Would be neutral stance. Meaning you don’t input a direction.
C would be strong attack button.

Just figured something else out.

Midscreen 2a,5b,2b,3s,3s,5c,(delay)236b/c looks to be a nice reset, the timing is the same on both so you make the opponent guess 50/50 on wakeup and if they guess wrong you can confirm into Hellzone Grenade, Super Dash for an air combo.

If your opponent starts delaying their wakeup to avoid this you can start ending with 236s to get free pressure going.

Or just call the L,M,H and S so shit makes actually sense. Or are we gonna call S D now ?

Its an airdasher by Arcsys I will continue to use the notation I’ve been using since BB, no skin off my back if you come in from SF expecting SF notations and can’t read it.

S is S, it’s not D because it’s not an attack button. And it’s different for each character.

The game itself uses LMH lmao

Pretty basic combo, uses about 3 meters (instant tp, ex pimp smack, and the special beam cannon)

2M>5M>jM(2)>jM(2)>2H> M(2)>214+L>Instant Teleport>214+S>qcb+H>qcf+LM (4875dmg)

2M > 5M > (JC) > j.M(2) > j.L > 2H > (SD) > (delay to gain enough height) j.LL(2) > 2H > (JC) > j.LL(2) > 214L

Position: Midscreen
Damage: 4070 (15 Hits)
Meter Gain: ~113% (It’s a little over one bar. Dunno what the exact value is though)
Works on: Everyone

LL - Light autocombo twice
(SD) - Super Dash (S+H)
(x) - Number of hits from j.M or the second attack from j.LL

Most optimized midscreen bnb that I have found so far. Can be extended with vanish after 214L. Would also pimp @T-Dash 's combo to 5200 damage.

Speaking of which: Do you mean the S air grab Piccolo has by 214+S? Because that one can be performed by just simply pressing S in the air. His only move with S and a quartercircle is his fireball, which he can’t perform being airborne, so that kinda threw me off. @T-Dash

Edit: Found a better and 100% consistent way to do this.

@Froztey wanna take this one into the OP?

I’m crazy, yeah the quarter circle back S is meant to be the stretchy arms, I’ve been doing the motion the entire time :dizzy:

Doing the motion probably helps with the timing. If I don’t mash S like a madman, I often miss that shit.

Corner Combo with Piccolo. 4577 Damage. Solo, no assist, no bars. Let’s go my Namekians.

2M, 5M > Jump Cancel > j.M(both hits),H,2H > Super Dash > j.M(one hit),H,2H > Jump Cancel > j.LL(both hits)H > 214M

How on earth do you hit the timing for j.LL(2)? Every time I do it, j.LLL comes out instead.

Just hit the button twice and wait.
Also which one to you have trouble with?
The one after the super dash, or the combo ender?

The super dash one should be delayed a little bit. So basically you hit the super dash, then Piccolo jumps up a little over their head, you hit light twice, wait for the second hit of the kick to come out, then cancel that shit into 2H and immediately jump forward for the double jump cancel and hit L twice again to set up the 214L.

Compared to say Goku, Piccolo’s combos are a bit trickier.

I’ll try to make a video of that combo.

@IcarusV3 I added a video to the combo.

Piccolo’s my dude, but he’s really lacking a hard knockdown in mid-screen. Hard to confirm into a Special Beam Cannon without EX Demon Slicer or the corner. His damage output also isn’t as much as I was hoping, but his grabs are handy enough to put a player off guard.

i will take it :bee:

I didn’t like Piccolo, because as far as I see it, his specials aren’t really that good and need to be comboed into to get anywhere. That being said, his normals are really nice and his special grab can take opponents by surprise. He need a hard knockdown attack, though.