Piccolo Thread - The Demon King's Heir

His specials are good but situational and he has multiple hard knockdown moves. He doesn’t have specials which he’s meant to throw out in neutral but that’s not important since his normals and command normals are pretty good.

Imo, aim of the game is to get them in the corner where he shines in particular with Hellzone and Orbs to give you mixup opportunities. A midscreen hard knockdown isn’t as important, soft knockdown with 214L + assist coverage is fine to maintain meterless midscreen pressure. He’s very unique the way his combos and specials work, maybe people are struggling because they are trying to play him more generic like Goku or Adult Gohan. His approach definitely feels way different.

Is his fireball safe?
Been wondering if I should cancel the end of blockstrings into his fireball.

The Orb is safe on block but blockstring into Orb has quite a big gap so the opp doesn’t have to respect it. Point blank 5H xx Orb is the tightest but can still be backdashed out of and reversal’d with DPs or Supers.

I mostly use Orb on hard knockdown where it’s most safe to use. The guys I play are coming up with good ways to beat it in neutral, best being Vanish + Assist (Either their Vanish hits and leads into a combo, or I block in time but my opp is heavily + on block). It also gets wiped out by Beams. Blockstring-wise I end with 6S + Assist usually, or I end early for mixups.

Dunno if I’m wrong but I think it’s always good overloading people with information. Mixing up if I go for an assist call, an overhead, a parry dive kick, a fireball, a backdash etc. etc. to end a blockstring makes people freeze up or do stupid shit after a while cuz they can’t tell what’s going on.

Trying to work this out, does anyone know what makes Piccolo’s 214H techable at the end of a combo sometimes?

I’ve been alternately trying it in

2M,5M,j.M,jc,j.M,j.2H,H+S,j.M,j.H,M+H,S, 214H,236L+M


(After combo into midscreen reset mixup between 214M and 214H)214M, 236B+C,H+S,j.M,jc,LL,214H

In the former combo the 214H leads into an untechable sliding knockdown which you can tack a super onto, in the latter it seems like the opponent can tech immediately.

At first I thought it was perhaps because I’d already used up my chance to send the opponent flying with 214M or 214H on the ground, but on second thought that should also make it not work for my first combo because of the vanishing wallbounce in it?

I’m missing something here but has anyone got an idea on what it is?

What’s 236B+C? I’m confused since you used LMH for all your other notation.

If you mean Hellzone Grenade, then that wouldn’t work because Hellzone uses up both your launcher and hard knockdown properties.

It was, thanks that makes sense then, guess I gotta play around a bit more to find out whats best off a Hellzone hit then.

Holy shit I gotta learn that corner stuff, guessing I wont get as many loops since Frieza assist probably will pop the opponent up too high to work but that seems sick.

Also probably pointless bit of tech but if you hold S when doing 236S you get a bigger slower orb that…

…Does no extra damage and can still be super dashed through, oh well.

Goddamn anyone knows what he does on the snapback combo in video 2 after he pulls him down with 2S?
I can see the 6S after that, but it looks like he does something in between. Can’t be 236S though, because that would make the follow up 2S whiff.

They did a really good job with having wtf-is-going-on supers that force you to guess what’s coming cuz you can’t see shit, like hellzone grenade and the second part of Krillin’s lvl3.

Someone posted up the notation for that delicious hellzone filth

"2M, M, Jump H, 2H Super Dash, H, 2H, Jump M(first hit ), H 214 M Hellzone Grenade, 2S, 2S, 6S+Assist, H Hellzone Grenade, 2S, 2S, 2H Sparking Blast, Hellzone Grenade, 2S, 2S, Light Grenade "

Is there any good Piccolo player worth watching ?

Damn I can’t get that hellzone snapback shit to work with Tien assist.
Worst part is I’m not even sure if it’s my shitty execution or not. Tien’s beam throws the dude up and I’m not sure if I can reach him with with the snapback with a jump.

At least I got the part before the snapback hella optimized compared to combo video dude.

If I ever get it to work with Tien assist, I’ll post a video with notations.

One thing that sucks though, is that it seems you need a very specific height for the body to be at in order for hellzone grenade to hit a second time after 2S so you can pick them up with 2S again, but I guess when you see it’s not the right height, you can omit the second 2S and go into the snapback right away.

Edit: I think this game lowers the hitstun on combo hits. If I try to do it with a max damage corner combo, I can’t combo 6S into 5H anymore. The dummy just techs out. Maybe that makes the second 2S seem so random to me if it connects or not because the link becomes too tight due to hitsun decay.

So how good is his assist? I want to put him in a team. But I’ve been hearing conflicting about it.

doesn’t have much projectile durability but what it lacks in durability it makes up in its tracking ability. i like using it as a meaty after a hard knockdown, it just hovers over the opponent till their hurtbox is active.

What are the current Piccolo combos/annotations? I’d like some bnb’s to start out.

I’m trying to create an unblockable with Piccolo. Put the opponent in block stun with Hellzone Grenade, then time the command grab on the first frame they leave block stun and an assist on the second frame. So if they deflect, they get grapped, if they jump the assist catches them during pre jump frames. Is my theory correct?

This one should belong here

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Midscreen Bnb :
2M > 5M > j.M(2)L2H > SD > delay j.LL(2)2H > j.LL(2)214L / 214H (4070 KD 0 bar/4110 slide 1 bar)
5M > 2M > 5H > SD > j.LL(2)2H > j.LL(2)214L / 214H (3810 KD 0 bar/3850 slide 1 bar)

Corner Bnb :
Can link to HZG :
2M > 5M > j.M(2)H2H > SD > j.LMH2H > j.LL(2)H214M (4635)

Can’t link to HZG :
5M > 2M > 2S > 6S > 5H > SD > j.LLH2H > j.LL(2)H214M (4862)
5M > 2M > 2S > 6S > 5H > delay j.M delay j.H > land > j.LLH2H > j.LLH214M (5004)

Corner non Bnb :
5M > 2M > 2S > 6S > 5H > delay j.M delay j.H > land > j.LL(2)H2H > j.LL(2)H214M (5119, doesn’t work on : T. Gohan, Ginyu, Trunks, Gotenks, Nappa, C16, Vegeta SSB, Vegeta SSJ, Broly, unpractical because if you start the combo with any other thing than 5M > 2M, j.214M will not link)

5M > 2M > 5H > 236S > 2M > 5H > delay j.M delay j.H > land > j.LL(2)H2H > j.LL(2)H214M (character specific, works on : …)

Hellzone Grenade combo (use any combo that can be linked to HZG)

Midscreen :
Super Dash > j.LL(2)2H > j.LL(2)H (usefull only if you are going for the kill IMO, 214L will usually whiff if HSD is too high)
Dash > Super Jump > Double Jump > Dragon Rush (works anywhere, will usually full corner carry, can start snapback mixup)

2S > 2S > 6S > 5H (skip 6S if HSD is too high, main combo for HZG loop using an assist)
2S > 2S > 3S > 2H > sparking (skip 3S if HSD is too high, main combo for HZG loop using sparking)
2S > 2S (allow some okizeme, ie IAD j.H. Can be linked with SBC or Level 3 no matter the HSD)
Super Jump > Double Jump > Dragon Rush (can start snapback mixup)
Super Jump > j.H2H > Double Jump > Dragon Rush (higher damage version, can start snapback mixup)
236S > Super Dash > j.MH214L (236S will cause more hitstun between j.H and 214L, allowing them to connect)

Will post more combos and options later.

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