Pick 2 characters from the current MVCI roster that you will main?


Mine are Megaman X and Jedah. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t pick just two, but Gamora and Jedah are probably on the top of the list. Gamora and Frank West might be my day one team.


Captain Marvel/Ultron/Nova/Iron Man and any combination of those. Because I need my flying and my beams all over the place.


Frank looks super easy to level up this time around he’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with, Gamora will be my battery.


Any combination of X, Zero, Dante, Gamora, Frank and Jedah.


Jedah and Gamora gonna get the training room love first. Then Morrigan,Iron man and Hunter/Nova

Don’t think I want to play anybody else


Jedah is definitely gonna be a main. Probably paired with Zero, Megaman, or Morg. I want to see more of Ironman.


Spidey is 100% on lock. For the other, I’m going to try out a bunch of characters and see which one I like the best. Most likely someone who wants the same stone as Spidey, which so far looks like Power. Maybe X?



paired with



I’ve changed my mind about mind stone,

Giving a command grab to people who have no business having such a move is scary


Be interesting to see what the range and start up is on surge grab.


I’m going with 2 teams to start off with and see where I go from there:

Team top tier (hopefully) zero/Jedah, don’t know what stone I will go with but probably space for the box… cause zero with a boxed in opponent will probably be hell.

Team my favorite characters, Arthur/ironman with reality stone for the spam factor


Mind Stone Arthur will be Mind Stone Arthur’s best matchup. Mind Stone Arthur would be insane but Arthur would need to keep Arthur away to prevent Arthur from command grabbing him. So it would be best that Arthur picks Mind Stone to upgrade armour and keep as much shit on screen at once so Mind Stone Arthur can’t get in… mind fuck.


Some combo of Gamora, chun, Hawkeye, Thor, Thanos.


Most likely Strider/Jedah day 1 in an attempt to make a trap style team.
After that I’ll mess around with some Time Stone Morrigan/Nova.
I don’t like other people having fun when I play fighting games.


There aren’t any characters I want to play.

No Felicia, no MODOK, no Juggernaut, no She-Hulk, no Hugo, no Devilotte…

I got nothing.


How can you be a Marvel fan without wanting some Xmanz?


Juggernaut was in X-Men.

Also who said I was a Marvel fan?


Zero for sure.

Hawkeye, Jedah, and Iron Man will be the first three I’ll try pairing him with.

No idea what stone I’m going with yet.

Edit: If Nemesis isn’t garbage I’ll give him a shot too.


I really wish same character teams were possible and tournament legal, so then we could all just pick Zero/Zero and be done with it.

It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t actually like the series and its gameplay, and just plays it for certain characters.