Pick-up/Drop-off from the airport (carpool)?


Hey is there anyone being picked up from the airport that my wife and I can tag along with? I actually don’t carry cash so a taxi is a no-go for me. When we get to the hotel, I can easily make a withdrawal and get some cash to pay whoever picks us up. My arrival isn’t scheduled until 10:14p.m. but I’ll have my phone on me to give updates.

I know the venue isn’t that far away so please someone help me out =(


skyviper: here’s a tip on getting to hotel from airport

I am not sure if the airport shuttle service take credit card (I think they do), but its much better if you just buy a round trip shuttle ticket from one of hte shuttle companies for each person you’re with. Becasuse I know a lot of people are watching FLOE getting bodied at the Guy, plus its more convenient on your return trip going back to airport afterward. Besides, its only about $15 and you don’t have to worry about anything afterward. Also, the shuttle are right OUTSIDE the airport domestic exit, you can’t miss it.

Hope this helps


So do I have to buy the tickets inside the airport or when I actually get onto the shuttle?