Pick up game style of character selection for team fighting games


EDIT: title changed to reflect that there is nothing wrong with mirror matches.
Example assuming everyone here has been in a random game of some sport at some time where you choose captains and then the captain take turns picking people for their teams. When person X is picked for team 1 then teams 2’s captain can no longer pick them that person because they are already been choosen by the other team. much like how the draft works. I just thought it would make an interesting mode for character selection in a **TEAM BASED **fighting game, that might add a good change of pace and more depth and strategy to character selection since you have to prioritize your picks and risk losing someone if you don’t pick then early enough in your turns.

Is it completely unheard of at this point to have a fighting game where both people can’t pick the same person? Its been around since championship edition but SF was always 1 on 1.
I mean in a team game with 30+ characters it seems like at least having a “pickup game” mode where if the other person chooses someone first then you can’t use them would add some kind of depth to the characters you would need to learn. it throws blind picking out the window but it adds other strategies.
Who knows, maybe its a horrible idea and I’m just bored.


first person to pick mss wins
a better idea would be forced random select.


Most of the marvel players would whine endlessly at that idea.


I don’t know… I think it sounds like a silly idea, because you’d need to make up rules about who gets to choose first and stuff like that. And I don’t really see any benefits with it either, unless you love “realism” intensly and think it’s weird that the characters can fight themselves…

My opinion is that character selection should not be made with moving a box/marker. Instead you should be presented with button combinations for each character, and pressing that chooses them. Choices are not revealed until both have chosen. Only way to counter pick would be to try and peek at the other guys hands. But if you’re worried about being counterpicked there could be a countdown that gives you a random character if you choose to late… And you just wait with choosing until the time is almost up.

Something like that.


Off topic: How horrible/tactical/hard/long is a O. Sagat mirror or a Guile mirror.


You can’t pick MSS if you pick M and they pick S (either one)

Not really, computer done random 50/50 (coin flip) whatever on who picks first the code is so easy I could do it.

only because if you do this in MVC2 you’re taking away something thats already in the game if you make a new game where it is like that from the beginning people are less likely to complain.


Players are better when they have dedicated mains. Forcing them to learn at least 2 characters would degrade overall player skill. This is a bad idea for that reason alone, not to mention the fact that introducing a random element (who gets to pick first) is stupid as well.


How you can you play a FG and pass on learning a matchup if you want to be anywhere near decent? Learning means learning how to face your own character. People have to deal with it.

And personally while I don’t favor mirrors I don’t give a damn.


I believe they should be by coincidence and nothing more, it’s not something that should be encouraged as they’re just a pain in the ass imo


I’ve always wanted to try playing a 16 game set in ST or HDR where each game, both players must blind-select a new character, one that they have not used yet, so that each player ends up playing as and against every character once and only once during the set. A 17th tie-breaker game could be random select or just a normal pick.

For a grueling marathon, you could also do a set where the winner of each game must keep their character, and the winner of the set is the first to “eliminate” all 16 of their opponent’s characters. This would make the format first-to-16, or best 16 out of 31. It would probably be most fun if the character orders were not predetermined, so that the loser always has the option of counter-picking (like a normal tournament match).


Me: "I like to play as ____!"
Game: "Well now you can’t play as ____."
Me: :[


I think there should be a system where if two persons pick the same character, they have to have a little mini match with the same character to determine who gets to play that character in the real match.
Either that, or the character select screen should be set up like a race game, where you race to choose the characters you want.


Horrible idea, I don’t want something else telling me who I can and cannot play as, that sort of BS is what put me off shooting games with those silly matchmaking systems that never let you pick the map or game mode you like.


truth be told. there arent to many good players who arent capable of playing at least 2-3 characters very well. so that whole main character thing is not really a debate to me. fighting games arent rocket science. its not hard to be very good with more than one character. i think not having mirror matches forces people to have to learn more characters and more about the game.

so on one hand i see how taking out the ability to mirror match could possibly create a new breed of noobs who are going to actually seek more out of the game because they have to to compete casually or at a tournament, and on another hand i see how its really not that big of a deal and who cares.


meh its not really so much an idea for one on one games but i still like the concept of going into a match and not getting to pick the team you expected in a team type game where you have to adapt your picks.

Its not so much about no mirror matches as it is about losing a character because the other person picked them picked them first, and having to prioritize your character selection and think somewhat on the fly if you lose someone you wanted.

Its not that i’m in any way against mirror matches, it just that allowing people to pick the same character sometimes makes the gameplay to static and monotonous. Its not just marvel, anyone remember all of the sagat/blanaka/XX vs Sagat/Blanka/XX in matches in CVS2.


I think it’d be cool if the person who was too slow in picking the same character was murdered and the corpse was thrown into a dumpster behind a Red Lobster.


I did something like that once in Guilty Gear. My friend and I put the names of all the characters into hats and each player drew one to determine which characters would be used in the next match. The loser’s character was discarded, and the winner placed his back into the hat to prevent one person from getting a character they were more familiar with, getting comfortable, and going on a streak while the other had to keep adapting with random characters. To keep things even more interesting (and to prevent the more likely outcome of a main vs main final match), we traded our mains so that each player had two copies of the opponent’s main and none of their own. It was fun, but unless the two players are fairly well matched in general knowledge of the game it can get fairly one-sided. I still had like 8 or 10 characters left at the end because I have wasted far more time messing around in training mode with various characters and researching how they play.

While this is true in some games when you consider a game like Guilty Gear or perhaps Virtua Fighter it really is a significant task to be able to play multiple characters well.


This is what we do. Our community’s kinda small now.


It’s an interesting idea, but at the same time, mirror matches can be hilarious. It’d be a shame not to have them.

Besides, what happens if the game ends up so bad that the top tier character is greatly distanced from all others?


Btw, this kinda reminds me of when I was a kid…
“You can’t play that guy, I’m that guy!” :rofl:
Good times.