Pick your 5 Members for EVO2k7 WC MVC2!

Seems like we’re just going through hella threads just to find the BEST Team for Marvel WC but oh well … and … yes … we are doing it again. This time I’m taking the names of the people that were bunch together into teams from the following list

1. Duc, Jmar, Row, Soo, Chunksta
2. Reset, Row, Soo, Duc, Chunk
3. Potter, Clockwork, Deus, Mike Ross, ShadyK
4. Chunk, Reset, Duc, Soo, Jmar
5. Chunk, Soo, Potter , Duc , ShadyK
6. Potter, Duc, Row, Jmar, Chunk with bill on the mic.
7. Chunk, Duc, Potter, Jmar, Soo

8. Rowtron, Jmar, Chunksta, Duc, and hold a tourney to decide the last spot
9.** soo, potter, chunksta, finesse, reset**
10. Clockw0rk, Row, Soo, Chunksta, and Duc

and setting it up so each and everyone of these people have their own spots. Vote for the 5 people (only 5 - public voting is on so make sure you get only 5) you think should be on team WC (This was suggested in the other thread). Have fun and lets DO THIS!

EDIT* Reference to the thread that lead to this thread is at the following link


That is odd, it did not accept my votes. Anyways, I voted for Chunksta, Duc, Potter, Reset, and Soo.

voted for evo 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, + clock

all those dudes are sick to watch.

where is genghis

where is chris schmidt

Added - that’s it. No more people are going to be added to that list. Originally its was suppose to be only those that we’re on the team thread but we’ll bend some rules once in a while.

Where’s the option for 5 Mike Ross’s?

team 3 because I like racial diversity

the more votes i get…the greater chance there will be a new thread with a new poll…no one wants to see the real TEAM WC in action.

Let’s go Team West Coast aka Team #3!!!

co-sign mike ross. I can see the next thread already: Vote for the team members of Team West Coast that aren’t from team three because they don’t deserve to represent you!

-Fight the Power-

cool…this is better…good shit preppy for suggesting this lol :tup:

oh yeah and when will there be a final desicion for this cuz unless there’s a certain time frame there could be a tie between players or some ppl probrably couldnt vote or something like that so…a time frame would be helpful

bullllshittttttttttt =O

gl to the wc team :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i give all five votes to one person?

This thread stays up from now until whenever … possibly evo2k7. No more threads after this one because I’m tired of making new threads - first it was just teams then someone posted that individuals is better which is the reason for both threads. Anyhow - this is it - no more adjustments.


gg duc

lol look at top 6 in votes

Duc, Jmar, Row, Soo, Chunksta, Clockwork

It the same thing as team 1!!! Beside that clock is tied with Jmar

That same exact team was at the top or in 2nd on both the last two threads … why don’t we just run with that…

I like that logic actually…

since team 3 won the last thread…why don’t we just run with that…

nah, we can’t do that

duc isn’t on team 3 man

the first thread lasted a lot longer then the last thread… what i meant is that the “last thread” there wasn’t much time to vote so team 3 was ahead early and team 1 was comming up then Duc decided to make another thread.



O.k. First off if we’re talking about a team to represent the west coast. Invariably chunksta must be on it as he got 2nd at evo better articulated as “2ND IN THE WORLD AT MARVEL IN THE LAST WORLD RENOUNED TOURNAMENT” Soo mighty OBVIOUSLY should be in that as he did handle his business last evo and he can and did beat yipes (though yipes can beat him too) and Eric arroyo (smooth viper) who most likely will be on the east coast team. Duc do OBVIOUSLY cuz he beat sanford last year in the tourney (though sanford did humble him first to 10). He beat yipes the year before that and his team is unconventional. He will be the wild card with a team noone else in the 5 vs 5 will be using.

THose 3 should invarably be on that team. For the last 2, I like potter prolly cuz he has definitely shown he can play on console and has been part of the scene forever and still dominates (we beef almost every time we se each other so don’t say I’m biased).

5 well iono tourney for the 5th spot. Put it on console, exclude the other 4 or even 3. OBVIOUSLY soo duc and chunk need to be on the team though there should be no debate about that. Anyone disagreeing needs to play those folks for money. I’ll gladly play bookie if I gotta, and I"m almost positive soo and chunk won’t have any problem playing for $50 + (correct me if I’m wrong).

the only people who should be candidates in my opinion if a tourney is not held for the spot should be people who have some sort of record that speaks for them

Reset (last evo he proved himself).

Finesse: He proved himself at evo west (Though he choked at evo) he won the ranbats, as well as placing high on almost every tourney he attended last year so he could be a candidate.

Jmar: His reputation precedes him. Everyone knows this dude handles his business. C’mon there should be no debate as far as his candidacy. (provide one if you disagree).

Rowtron: Record speaks for itself, I’m not even gonna give the scoop if you don’t know you shouldn’t be voting anyways.

People who were elected candidates though I disagree unless a tourney is held to prove their worth.

Deus: People could think I’m biased as we do beef typically. Good player did get 2nd las calpoly tourney, so he did well that specific tourney. Can’t say he’s beasted enough to say definitely top 5 in WC.

Mike Ross: As deus does very well and has a nice rep, though not enough to be a candidate for top 5 without tourney. Great player uses a lot of people but still needs to win “the tourney” imo.

ShadyK: Has a rep, but seems to be mostly hype carried over. He did win the psm tourney, but then lost to Megaman Dan that same year (Who used mega man, Guile and sentinel). First off his sentinel is not the greatest[I’ll even go a step further and say its bad] and his other charachter was a guile…lets move on. 3rd he had megaman, who can be played but we’re talking top players here. Not on his game imo, needs to win “the tourney.”

CLockwork: well for obvious reasons he was mentioned, and I can’t really say anything against him besides the fact that he hasn’t really won anything as of late.

So anyone disagreeing, quote the part you disagree with and provide some logical oppositions.