Picked up bb cs for 15 bucks! but


Is there any major differences between cs and cs extend? I got the 3 dlc characters… I know there’s one additional character in extend so what I’m pretty much asking is about the balances/mechanics of the game. Thanks for looking and I appreciate helpful answers.


There are a ton of balance changes that shifted tiers and combos all over the place, unfortunately. There were also some system level changes like counter assaults consuming a guard primer.

I don’t know of a good summary of all the changes, but they were reasonably extensive. Frame data changed, hitboxes changed, all kinds of stuff. =/


Damn. Ok well thanks for the info. Hopefully this hold me over till the next revamp


Sorry. =/ I really would’ve advised against buying CS+DLC characters at this point since that adds up to pretty much the same amount of money as Extend. =/




Thanks just bought a copy!