Picked up some sticks on Ebay for cheap

I got 2 sticks today/ purchased on Ebay. First I got a slightly used PS3 FS3 for $1.00. Yes, that’s not a typo, $1.00 so it was like $9.95 with shipping. I also picked this little baby up as well by blaze.


Picked this one up for $20.00. Gonna mod both of them. One question I got. Is it really worth changing out the stick in the FS3? I had one FS3 and I changed the stick and buttons out but does it really matter?

-Tha Hindu

Are you SERIOUS? Those prices are amazing… I bought a T5 for 50 bucks on ebay!! About the FS3 I personally don’t care since it’s already a ball stick and easy to moderate buttons!

Man lucky break, wish I found something like that.

FS3 for $1? You looking to double your money?

what do you search to find these?

You have to be lucky and also know what to search for, remember people are dumb. Also, if I told you then these wouldn’t really be that cheap anymore now would they?

-Tha Hindu

P.S.: Can anyone tell me if $34.00 (includes shipping) is good for an FS3?

wow i never get lucky on ebay… i bought my fs3 at gamestop in queens for 40 something dollars ugh… luckily its worth it for me. sure beats that crappy saulabi i was ranting about in the other thread. LOL :rofl: