Picking 2 sticks


Hey guys, I’m pretty much a n00b when it comes to fighting sticks. I always loved fighting games,tho, of course. Now I’m building me a new PC to hook up on a Plasma TV and do some hardcore gaming. So I thought "oh boy, now I must get me some good fighting sticks to use with my emulators.

Okay, now here’s the deal, I wanna buy me 2 Arcade Controllers. At first I thought I oughtta get a SFIV TE and a regular one (non TE). The TE is around US$130 and the non TE is around US$50. I don’t really need 2 hardcore fighting sticks, one may be great and the other may be just good, reliable for casual gaming and for friends to use.

I heard the regular MadCatz stick is just unreliable, and will break pretty soon, so I kinda dropped it.

Which pair of arcade sticks would u guys recommend me?

For the cheaper one I had in mind the Tekken 6 bundled one or the Hori EX2.

For the expensier one, I still had the Madcatz TE.

Thoughts? Btw: I don’t wanna mod 'em, I suck hard as a craftsman. I REALLY do, I could turn a arcade stick into dynamite in a matter of seconds just out of clumsyness. Also, what’s that new Madcatz TE “S”? Is it better than the other Tournament Editions? What’s the difference between the TE and TE Round 2? Is the TE “S” far expensier than the others? Where can I find it?

Thanks a lot!!!



The TE “S” has a new PCB.


Either get the TEs or two of these.



He said EX2, he must have an XBOX 360.

Your choice for top of the line stuff would be any TE (R1, R2, new S) or Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE (Seimitsu parts).


The TE’s are great, especially if you dont want to change anything.

As far as the Round 1/2 goes, the difference is the artwork. You should be able to find a Round 1 for less than 130, as well, especially with the “S” version right around the corner.

As for the second stick…you can get the Hori EX2 or the mad catz SE for around the same price. (50-ish) The problem with the SE is the buttons are of lower quality but still usable for casual play. The good thing is, you can upgrade it if you ever want to. The official sanwa parts that come in the TE just drop in to the SE, so yes…even you can do it. Screws hold the stick in, and the buttons are snap in. So for around another 50 you can have the same quality parts in your SE if you get more serious about it.


I was seriously considering the TE series. Besides all it’s quality, it also looks VERY good! :karate:

So, I take the Tekken 6 bundled stick ain’t a good option, eh?

What’s the main difference between Hori EX2 and MadCatz Street Fighter IV fighstick (non-TE)? Which one is more durable? Thanks.


doo-ti-doo :looney:


MadCatz SE is the more easily moddable one. With the EX2, you’re going to have to do physically modify the case to get a JLF and proper 30mm buttons to fit (with the SE, you just drop the stuff in).


Okay, then I’m taking the MadCatz SE for starters, it’s quite cheap anyways and upgrading it to Full Sanwa parts woudln’t cost me more than 60 bucks anyways…

Now I just wanna know one thing: how do I change it’s Ball Top to Bat Top? In Lizard Lick Sanwa’s Bat Top is only 5 bucks. How do I stick it in a MadCatz SE?

I couldn’t find in the noob thread a “term faq”. I’m usually quite confused by the terms such as “Gate” and “PCB”. Is there a FAQ especifically for the sticks parts?


To answer all of your questions, go check out this site (it was in the sticky):


Get a Sanwa LB-30N bat top and Sanwa joystick adapter ($0.50 at Lizard Lick).

Although, personally, I’d stick to the default balltop. JLFs are perfect as it is.


Thanks mate, will get some serious reading on that.

About ball top and bat top, I’m really used to playing with bat tops. I like ball tops only for shooters and stuff. For fighting games, I’m all for bat tops.


Buy a custom built one.