Picking a beginning character


I recently picked up AE and I am conflicted on what character I should start out playing. I want to know what path is better in the long run.

Should I pick a beginner character that i dont really like in order to better learn fundamentals, or is it better to just pick the character I like best regardless of the complexity?

Ive been picking Ryu to try and learn the basics and fundamentals of the game but im just not a big fan of the character. My execution and defense are pretty poor. I want to pick a character with a more risky rushdown style attack but I am not good enough to play that style effectively. When I pick yun or fei i feel like I have a much better chance of winning even though my wins are fraudulent.

Should I stick with Ryu until I get better at execution and fundamentals or would it be the same to learn the game using a more offensive and potentially more difficult character. My goal is just to get better as efficiently as possible and i am not too concerned with online wins and losses.


Pick a character that you have fun with. While it might be smarter to learn fundamentals and the like, if you’re not having fun in the first place, what’s the point.


Simple answer: Whoever you want.

That said, when friends have asked me to help them pick one, I usually tell them to go with one of the following: Ryu, Bison, Balrog, Ken, and Zangief.


Playing Ryu isn unfun. I just dont see my self using him in the long run. Im having fun win/loss because I only use online as a tool to just get exp playing the game. If it is indeed smarter to stick with Ryu for now then ill probably do that. Im only worried about learning how to do combos and how to block. For whatever reason the offense comes easy to me.


Im not really asking for a specific character to pick I just want to know if picking more difficult characters will slow my progression.


How does this question come up so often?
Who buys a game and then plays a character they don’t want to play?

Play fei or Yun and keep ryu as a side character if your completely set on playing a character you don’t like. but the best bet is to just play who you want to.
People suggest Ryu to new people because hes so basic but its not like you can learn fundamentals with just about any character in the cast. Just learn fundamentals with Fei, unless by fundamental you mean how to throw fireballs.


Obviously play what you like, it may slow your progression a tad, but in the long run, you will only be better with a character you like and feel comfortable with.


If you don’t like Ryu don’t pick him. Ryu is not the only character you can learn fundamentals with in this game. You can use characters like Ken, Rose and a few others but most importantly don’t force yourself to learn a character you don’t like.


Just play what feels the most fun. That’s the single best way to keep up your motivation to play the game. If you’re concerned about learning fundamentals and like Fei, play Fei. He’s quite good for learning fundamentals.


Picking up a “hard/bad character” will really slow the course of your learning. Take Hakan for example - there are a lot of people who see how wacky he is and decide he’s a neat character that should be played. After an hour or so you realize he’s kind of hard to use, and after a week you have done research and realized with the help of others that, while an awesome dude - Hakan is a bad street fighter under most circumstances.

People say choose Ryu because a lot about SF isn’t so much beating your opponent with offense, it’s also knowing how to get around their defense. Some characters like Guile can play completely defensively and still kick your ass in the process. With Ryu you have a lot of options - and more options means more abilities to punish sloppy offense, and punishing sloppy offense will give you a great idea on how NOT to progress forward in your own offense.

As Hakan you don’t have excellent anti-air moves, so you might be more prone to jumping in to get your damage, because it’s how people do damage to you - what you might miss is they KNOW Hakan has bad anti-air technology and so that is why they are jumping in on you in the first place. Pick up Ryu until you can do a SRK FADC Ultra 1, and a combo with a 1-frame link. Once you’ve gotten those “milestones” of execution down then move to whoever you want. There will be harder than other characters (El Fuerte, Hakan, Gen*) but nobody is impossible to win with - some fighters just have some non-traditional fighting styles.

*While impossible to understand at first, Gen is pretty friggen’ dope.


I keep playing Random characters to get my fundamentals up. I did the same in Starcraft II when I started. As of right now I like Rose, Viper and Dan. I know Vipers stuff a bit better than Rose and Dan, but I think they’re all very fun. DeeJay isn’t too bad on offensive I found against a Ryu who favours the hurricane kick.