Picking a Character

I’ve tried everything, and I really haven’t been able to find a character that fits my style. I play online, and I get destroyed every single time. Anyone have any tips on what I should do to find a character that I feel comfortable with?

Who looks coolest? Go.

people pick character base on a lot of different things: looks, feel, comfortable, boobs, etc. if you’re getting beat w/ every character than you just have to learn the game like everyone else.

Can we get a thread with a guide about picking a character? It seems this same thread pops up multiple times a day.

And in this thread it should mention that any additional “pick my character” threads are auto-infract.

To answer the thread: There are a lot of character that are hard for new players to use because they require intimate knowledge of the game system and/or intense execution. Most people would recommend Ryu because he can do pretty much everything the game engine has to offer so, if you learn how to use Ryu you learn every facet of the game. Once you get good with Ryu and can understand the game you may then move on to a character that you think is cooler or like the style of more. This is the point where using a more difficult to use character is a non-issue because you’ll just practice and learn what you have to in order to become proficient with the character. Again, the reason you don’t pick this character first is because you’re already battling trying to understand the game system let alone a complex or execution heavy character.

Ryu is a walking tutorial, start with him first.

In fact I might take it upon myself to write this pick my character guide or I’ll be lazy and forget about it.

Edit: I’m working on a guide, I hope it’s not too wordy and retarded and people like it.

I was gonna try to come up with something myself, I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while but if you’re already working on something, great lol.

Just an idea… assuming this is an SSF4 guide and not a general one for all games, you should have spoiler tags for each character discussing strengths, weaknesses and learning curve or something like that. I’ll be happy to contribute.

I’d actually disagree with Kelter about execution barriers, yeah… some characters are harder, but IMO you should pick a character and roll with it… rather than learn Ryu then try and learn the character you want to play.

so far I’m focusing on Ryu and why you shouldnt ignore characters just because of the way they look. I feel like going into depth about each character specifically is counter-productive because there is no calculator or list of pros and cons that will pick the character that is best for you.

Well since im working on a guide would you mind PMing me or replying with the reason you think picking a difficult character when you’re new to the game is benificial?

I once got some advice from Heartnana when I was asking about who was a good character for me to pick in a game. I wanted to play a character with a high execution barrier, but thought I should “lean the engine” first by selecting someone easier and learning the engine. He really had good a take on it by just simply saying “If you want to learn character A, learning character B isn’t going to help, just learn character A.”

So I think it entirely depends on your level of play. If you’re so new that all the motions are new to you then perhaps picking a more all around character would be okay, but if you have a level of of play (can pull off basic combos/motions) than you may as well go ahead and learn with whatever character you would like.

As for who to play it’s hard for anyone to really give you a straight answer. I’d say continue to play the game. What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses as a player? What do you enjoy about a character? Dislike? Then just go from there.

It could take a little longer but I find it’s much easier to bare the grind if you like the character and are having a good time, rather than just putting in time with a character so you can learn enough to move to the character you want to play.

The guide shouldn’t pick the character for people, it should give them enough information about each character so they can make a decision themselves.

But that’s what google and the character sub forums are for

also in light of the past few posts I’m going to include a section on why you should ignore my guide and just pick the character you want to play. There are obviously multiple schools of thought on the subject and though it might be confusing to someone to contradict myself in the guide I feel it’s important to include it.

Maybe for a character specific section ill divide the characters in which zones of the screen they play best in so you can narrow it down if you want to play in the mixup range, full screen zone or footsies zone.

HAHAHAHAH i feel ya i main Viper but in all actuality i love playing grapplers in other games and geif just annoys me and hakan dosent do much dmg so im holding off and riding the popularity drive ahah
"but i like play the whole cast but yet none have stuck out to me"
thats what i felt like when i first picked up the game but then i thought
"Well vipers moves are cool but i play better with rose ahahah"
So like find someone that feels natural to you. It should not necessarily fit you like a glove. Find someone that when you pick them it makes you think about the game and what to use when.
I have to put in work to get viper to do that for me on the other hand rose i dont so lol
I hoped that helped :slight_smile:

Ok I see where you’re coming from now.

What I had in mind was basically a very condensed version of SRK in 1 guide, briefly outlining what each character is good and bad at and reasons to pick each one etc etc

That’s actually a very good idea.