Picking a FIghtStick

Hey all i have a Round 2 TE Stick but i cant use it during the night cause the tapping etc makes to much noise. I was wondering if there was any good stick like the TE stick that doesnt make that much noise. I tried not pushing the buttons that hard but after 20-30mins of playing i just get to into the game that i just start tappign abit harder. Its not like i smash the buttons its just they make quite abit of noise.

Any suggestions on what joystick to get am not to fussed about prices just want a good stick similar stands to TE stick but one that mkes alot less noise i tried my best to explain the situation hope the community can understand what am trying to say haha.

I don’t know man. The Sanwa buttons are the easiest buttons to activate, so those are the easiest to hit softly. I can’t really think of any…quiet fightsticks. Anyone know of a good one? I think you’d better just practice lightly tapping the buttons.

Sound-proof your room.

All current joysticks & buttons use microswitches and will therefore be quite loud.
So it’s either that or go back to pad.

If a joystick uses microswitches, it’s going to make that clicking noise. Same for buttons.

If you’ve got $250+ to blow on a Sanwa Flash (they’re out of production), you can get a joystick assembly that doesn’t click. Your buttons still will, because all good buttons do (unless Korean buttons don’t? I’ve never seen any, but either way, they use 28mm holes rather than 30mm, so it’s not like they’d fit in your TE).

It’s not the microswitches that make a sound for buttons because they don’t click. It’s the plastic hitting plastic/metal. Hitting the microswitches on the stick will certainly make noise as well as hitting the gate.

I recently switched to seimitsu buttons and found the clicks are not as high pitched as sanwas. But like everyone said your still going to get the clicks. (But honestly that could just be my head playing games with me)

Can’t click buttons at night? Mind if I ask why?

And the only way to avoid noise is to use a pad.

Well I cant see my stick right now because im at work but I imagine that the sounds from the button touching the housing or slamming the housing for that matter. I have a sheet of thin foam at home. I’ll take apart one of my extra buttons and see what we can do about all that infernal racket.

Thanks for the headsup on the Seimatsu buttons.

thanks for the reply i cant play with the stick at night cause parents are sleeping

If you don’t play with your stick at night, your parents will think something is wrong with you. The next thing you know, you’ll be in some boot camp where they “fix” that sort of thing. Word to the wise, you don’t want to go, there are no girls there. None that you will want to talk to anyway.

Just cram cloths/towels under your door. As long as your parents (or whoever is trying to sleep) aren’t in the room next to you, you’ll be golden.

Years of playing games past bedtime gives you some tricks ;D